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Whitespace changes + Editor hints

Modernize XOTcl idioms: my proc -> :proc

Fix typo

Add minus to the allowed regexp characters to accomodate names such as en:LRDivider-Admin.wf

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Provide a localized help-text for the xowiki-includelet feature (thanks to Günter Ernst for the german translation)

Improve formatting of messages

Fix upgrade

Add callback definition to the info file and define the contract properly as enforced by the UI

Maintenance upgrade to get rid of obsolete package parameters

file apm-callback-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Centralize logic to retrieve out own user_id, then use it also when rendering the users list

Fix typo

Access object members directly instead than by method

Add default for avatar_p

strengthen parameter checking for weblog and syndication integerfaces

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improve input checking

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raise error when entries_of forms not found

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Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idioms

Fix automated tests

Bump version numbers so chat depends on latest xotcl-core

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Rely on xotcl ORM machinery to handle acs_object metadata instead of doing it manually

Allow allow to specify context_id for the object in save and save_new methods

Add acs_object attributes to ::xo::db::Object slots definition

Pretty names have been taken from acs_attributes defined on a vanilla instance on acs_object, which apparently are not localized. Changes to cr-procs are to make sure new object members from slots don't interfere with previous behavior for CrItems

Subst language before feeding it to the workflow machinery (fixes test)

Validation on 'get_instance_from_db' only

Switch to a sql-only approach (fixes regression)

Move validation block into page contract

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Right way to override the fetching of an object is thorugh the fetch query

This would not be necessary once we add acs_object attributes to ::xo::db::Object slots, but as side-effects of this are not clear we leave it for some other time