Fix integration with old-style error handling

Use plain tcl "try" instead of "ad_try"

Use "try" instead of "ad_try"

Exception handling reform (part 1)

- implement ad_try based on (byte-compiled) Tcl try to make exception

handling more Tcl compliant

- Replace several "catch" operations in request-processor by ad_try

- de-spaghetti "rp_handler" and factor out "rp_handle_request"

- Provide error context in log message in a more uniform way

- handle ds stub-procs in a more uniform way:

provide as well a stub for "ds_init" instead of

wrapping it into a "catch" operation.

- move deprecated procs "ad_return" and "rp_handle_adp_request"

from request-processor-procs to deprecated-utilities-procs.tcl

- bump version number of acs-tcl to 5.10.0d2

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Make sure, the try command is available in your installation (requires Tcl 8.5 or newer)

add missing ',' in select statement

improve error handling in case read operation fails

Initial version of ckeditor5 support for acs-templating

Note that this is an initial relase. several features of CKEditor5 are coming soon (easy imaging),

the whole ckeditor5 release is alpha. Some options of the ck4ditor integration

are copied over to ckeditor5, although there is no support yet.


In addition to the richttext widget properties,


the CKEditor 5 allows us to specify a editor class

Note: CKEditor 5 no longer comes with a configuration setting to change its height.


add support for editors requiring a different HTML tag for richtext (e.g. div)

bump version number to 5.10.0d2

Improve robustness of code: make sure, file is always closed after open operation, even when "read" fails

Backport from HEAD

Fix typo in debug line

prefer literal in adp axpressions

prefer literal in tests

standardize boolean expressions in ADP files

Modernise code: strengthen page contract, use boolean test in ADP

Modernize code: get rid of deprecated cals in .xql file and use API rather than homebrew SQL calls

* nx.tcl (Class.variable): Clean up a left-over.

* nx.tcl (Class.variable()): Re-order the substdefault-handling block to render it more meaningful.

Add to-do item

* nx.tcl (substdefault): Unify and harden substdefault handling. Both, per-class and per-object substdefault should now behave similarly in absence of a pair of evaluation brackets. Also, an attempt is made to capture ill-formed input to subst earlier ([info complete]). An actual substdefault reform, however, must tackle the [subst] calls (-novariables?) and make the calls more robust (at the script and C level; [apply]-like?). Added some tests for documentation.

Avoid small SQL queries for frequent operations, here for computing the full file path for a revision_id

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parameters.test: Simplify test case slightly.

* nx.tcl (MetaSlot.parseParameterSpec): Refine handling of the type converter to expand unqualified names to the "nearer" namespace (i.e., namespace of the slot-owning object) rather than "". Along the way, intercept invalid type=* values earlier (empty string, "::"). Added some tests.

* nsfDebug.c: Remove duplicate array entry.

* nsfDebug.c (NsfInitPkgConfig): Provide NSF configuration data via the TIP 59 interface (::nsf::pkgconfig).

Bump verison number for apm

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fix variable name

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Fix variable name

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Make behind_secure_proxy_p more robust against unexpected values in X-SSL-Request