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Add conveniance function lappend_property in addition to get|set property

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Add '`' to the list of sanitazable characters by 'ad_sanitize_filename'

Fix erroneus file description in page contract

Update italian localization and fix keys

Update italian localization

Update italian localization

Update italian localization

Allow Workflow Conditions to be evaluated in form fields via evaluate_form_field_condition

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allow more flexible form field conditions via new function evaluate_form_field_condition, which can be overloaded

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improve comments

add thread object name for naming mutex and make creation/destroy logging more conformant

includelete child-resources: use ad_return_url to determine return URL

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includelet unresolved-references: return "none" in case, no unresolved references are found

fix xpath expression

stop of abusing openacs.org as URL redirector

Implement uninstantiate apm callback to delete existent FAQs in advance

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add server restart button to acs-admin interface

whitespace changes

Whitespace changes + Added editor hints

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Chat Redesign:

fixed embedded variable name in message-key

add link to syntax-rules of allowed|extra allowed content in CKEditor

formfiled ckeditor4: allow boolean value in "allowedContent" (e.g. deactivate checks alltogether)

bump version of CKeditor to 4.11.2

Whitespace changes

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Fix typos

Remove trailing whitespace

Better handling of errors during 'exec convert' in portrait-bits.tcl, returning the default avatar when it fails

Use a variable for the default avatar mime type

Return default avatar also when there are internal issues parsing the user provided picture