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Fix for vulnerabilities CVE-2012-5881, CVE-2012-5882, and CVE-2012-5883.


Fix broken links

Fix broken links

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    • +810
    • -810
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fix broken links

Fix broken links

Use localized version of richtext types

Clean indentation

Fix deprecated idiom

Revert changes as this won't work on Aolserver

Normalize adp expressions

Fix bbroken links

Remove catches, as -nocomplain behavior was fixed in Naviserver by https://bitbucket.org/naviserver/naviserver/commits/6008e3d0720e12f2237fbc4397daf878efc79b5c

Flush dirty editor buffer

Make query a few hundred times faster by replacing "cc_users" view by "persons"

whitespace changes

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Use name resolver instead of method call for IDs

    • -31
    • +31
Remove false positive warning and improve documentation

    • -7
    • +17
Normalize boolean expressions in .adp files

Don't go all the way when user provides an invalid parent post to reply to

    • -8
    • +7
Assume moderators have always the right to post

Let admins post in every situation

    • -7
    • +11
Normalize boolean expressions in .adp code

Normalize boolean expressions in .adp files

normalize boolean expressions in .adp files

Modernize Code: use XOTcl2 idioms, reduce instvars

Removed incorrectly placed "--" between named parameter and its value

Modernice Code: use XOTcl2 idiom, reduce instvars

    • -269
    • +254
    • -196
    • +185
Bump default version number CKEditor to 4.7.3, Bump version number of package to 0.14

Improve documentation

Make ad_returnfile_background work also without libthread

white space changes and typos

improve documentation in the code, and make behavior more explicit