antoniop in OpenACS

Prettify code

Mode is in fact the value of the nsv

Force the encoding on the channel to utf-8 in every case (fixes umlaut characters when using ns_connchan backend)

Deprecate unamusing template::util::date::now_min_interval_plus_hour

Use testing authority in auth_create_user test

Do not depend on dt_systime

Apparently, this makes xolp tests more robust with respect to issue discussed in

Add a quick run of the basic CRUD operations on ORM to avoid issues when e.g. no particular object member is explicitly supplied

Check for existance of :context_id

Make sure init test classes are named differently, or xowiki tests will interfere with xowf ones

Keep old behavior when we drill down to package

Extend UI allowing to select packages for which we want tests to be run

Extend aa_runseries proc to allow multiple package keys to be specified (goal is being able to select just the packages we want for testing)

Allow to specify and update the context_id for a CrItem (fixes xotcl-core.test_cr_items automated test)

Modifying IP really comes from the item and not from the revision (as normally comes from the automatically generated view ${table_name}i which says so)

Update database idioms

Use a prepared statement

Update object memory image according to its new database values when we update (fixes xotcl-core.test_xo_db_object automated test)

Do not return empty context_ids for the test, make sure value will have to change

Save the object title as well when updating (improves xotcl-core automated tests)

Test behavior before and after a full fetch, make sure that the chosen context_id is not the previous one

Be stricter in CrItem tests as well

Be stricter and treat known suboptimal behaviors in ORM interface as test failures

Update italian translation

Default deleted_p should be false for non-existing translations

As we need parent_id to be computed, pass it to the proc as was before so we save a query

Replace array idiom -> dict idiom (port from downstream)

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Add missing where clause from previous upgrade... Oracle was indeed affected as well

file upgrade-1.1.5d1-1.1.5d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Apply fix to category__change_parent provided by

apparently Oracle was not affected

file upgrade-1.1.4-1.1.5d1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.