antoniop in OpenACS

Document current preferred idiom to quote database lists, without official deprecation, for the time being

Comment out seemingly useless computation which has been detected running > 18s in some case on the live system

Whitespace cleanup

Reinstate check, add a note why

ad_urlencode_url: add a slash to the path when this is not empty, fix test case

Extend test

Avoid useless check

Expose a regression after changes for bug #3437

Whitespace cleanup

Kill message key translation only when the original user message is included in the notification

Do not kill localization for moderator notifications, as they contain indeed message keys to be localized

Status is actually a number

Do not try to reconnect upon client side errors (e.g. 403 forbidden responses when the chat room has been closed)

Implement a new type of "Moderator" notification type for forums

This notification will be triggered also by unapproved messages. The UI will show the subscription link only to forum moderators, using a different color (customizable via css, vanilla color is red). Message content will always be hidden for such notifications, so user will need to have access to new message.

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Provide an include flag to hide the list of subscribers

Provide a css class hook to customize styling according to notification type

Make clear where paragraph ends

Step in the direction of implementing a new kind of "moderator notification": move current notification behavior in a private api, remove dependency on message approval in message::new (also avoids a query)

Fix typo

Comment unused computations

Small refactoring

Move logics to create forum notification type to tcl to:

- reduce code duplication

- make it simpler to extend forums with new notification types

This reform was triggered by a downstream request, where users would like a new kind of notification for forum moderators that triggers also when a forum message has not been approved

Complete a long standing transition (before 5.5): rely on callbacks intead of service contracts to implement FTS datasource logics in the forums package

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When streaming chat implementation is in use, try reconnecting to the chat 10s after connection is closed

Redefine faq questions and answers as text, the same as downstream, then redefine all database function api so that argument types are taken from table definition

file upgrade-5.10.0d7-5.10.0d8.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Handle the case when one is trying to access a non-existing room

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Remove href from the variables we inspect the item for in a file link:

this variable is most likely set, therefore embed_options will be non-empty and most links downstream will be rendered via <embed>

instead than a plain link.

Furthermore, it does appear as non standard according to e.g. and would probably conflict with the src attribute, which is always set.

Keep returning 0 when no transcript is created, as the code expects

Uniform the quoting criteria when dealing with transcripts:

- transcripts are stored as they are, no quoting in the data we store (and therefore HTML should be avoided)

- transcripts are displayed quoted, therefore disabling any effect from HTML eventually present in the content

- bring the logics to build transcript content in the api to avoid duplication

- avoid sending the transcript content to transcript-new-2, as we can generate it server side

Note: storing transcripts as a pre-formatted chunk of text is probably not the best approach, as any changes to the formatting cannot be applied to pre-existing data without a delicate upgrade. This new approach will make <br> tags inside older transcripts visible...

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