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Handle potential race condition in search observer queue maintenance

In some cases, when e.g. objects are quicky deleted after updates, the

object might be already be deleted when being tried to trigger a

DELETE operation in the search queue. as a consequence, one can sometimes

observer errors like the one below. The new code double-checks now,

if the object for the DELETE operation still exists.

ERROR: insert or update on table "search_observer_queue" violates foreign key constraint "search_observer_queue_object_id_fk"

: DETAIL: Key (object_id)=(497509146) is not present in table "acs_objects".

: CONTEXT: SQL statement "insert into search_observer_queue (

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file upgrade-5.10.0d3-5.10.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

whitespace changes: break overlong lines

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whitespace changes

white space changes: break overlong lines

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compute for and background colors from percentage to guarantee good contrast

Add 'acs_subsite_attribute_datatypes' test case, covering 'attribute::translate_datatype' and 'attribute::datatype_validator_exists_p' procs

Remove unnecessary aliases

Add 'attribute::value_add' and 'attribute::value_delete' to the 'acs_subsite_attributes' test case

improve comments

improve spelling

reduce the number of locks (nsv-accesses) for OACS_FULLQUERIES by a factor of 3 when NaviServer is used.

OACS_FULLQUERIES is one of the 3 most intensively locked nsv arrays for

busy implementation

improve test coverage

reduce visibility of internal functions

fix entry in listing of covered procs

reduce verbosity

move function db_current_rdbms to acs-bootstrap installer to improve code locality

Cleanup of low-level DB-interace: use dict instead of list with fixed positions

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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reduce usage of ad_arg_parser by using c-level implementation; fixes as well broken cases of bind-var handling

added test cases for db_0or1row and db_1row

whitespace changes

add test cases for db_list*

reduce verbosity

whitespace changes

remove debug code

extended regression test: increase coverage of page contract filters

fix util::external_url_p when security::locations returns empty element

ease navigation: provide links to coverage pages

added new test cases for testing page contract filters