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Bump version number after catalog changes

Remove extra slash, affecting usage from CDN

Many thanks to Markus Moser

Cleanup smelly comment

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Remove hardcoded richtext editor

Remove xowiki dependency from CKEditor4

Rationale: CKEditor4 is EOL for its free version and the paid LTS version will be discontinued in December 2026.

We now do not set an explicit default for the preferred richtext editor. Instead, the first richtext-* package that will be installed with check whether a preferred editor was chosen. If not, they will set themselves as the xowiki editor. This should not change the behavior for existing installations already using ckeditor4, or a different editor.

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Fixed several issue with the regression test case

- don't hard-code locales

- don't base decision to perform decimal comma tests on the fact that the locale is enabled

(it might be enabled but not loaded)

- perform test, when a locale with decimal point is enabled and loaded and the locale

of the test user can be set to it

load catalog when enabling a locale

The internationalization admin page is not only package specific, move it up

improved test coverage

reduce verbosity

Rely on the system configuration to figure out the right richtext editor and its configuration

reduce verbosity

Provide log statistics including full startup

Bump version number to 5.10.1b2 to make sure, that recent zz-postload.tcl is installed

fixed test server_startup_ok

Previously, the test was returning different results depending on the order of


While it is in general better to avoid error entries in the log file during

regression test, since these testing expected behavior, while error entries

in the log file should indicated unexpected behavior. However, it is still

a long way to let the regression test run cleanly.

Fixed regression test and make more use of "aa_test_start" and "aa_test_end"

This change reduces the errors in the log file a lets run the

regression test (on my site) without reported errors as reported by


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Adjust TinyMCE behavior for the cornercase of a nested compound field with inline editor

mark the new aa_test* calls to be covered

Skip test, when the optional parameter DiskCache is not defined.

Otherwise, the attempt to set the parameter will fail and will output

an error message to the log file.

Spelling changes

Provide an API to check/set/clear the state of the regression test

The new calls are:

- aa_test_running_p

- aa_test_start

- aa_test_end

Unset the "required" HTML5 attribute after the superclass initialization, because the textarea superclass will set it back again otherwise

Claim additional coverage

skip hopeless tests, where mail server is not configured

fixed regression test to use [::acs::test::url] instead of [ad_url] during regression test

::acs_mail_lite::configured_p: check, if we can connect to the mail server

This new function has the goal to centralize tests to check, whether

the SMTP server is properly configured and ready to accept mail

requests. This is currently just used in the regression test to skip

hopeless tests.

Later, we should extend the regression test to test whether

sending of real emails works.

Extend test suite to check URL protocol validation

Complete the URL earlier, so that protocol-relative URLs can be correctly determined as external or not

Extend test suite to check behavior validating external URLs

Fixes for regression test: util_http_json_encoding

This change corrects 2 bugs, causing the regression test to fail under certain circumstances:

1) use for test location [::acs::test::url] instead of [ad_url]

The call [::acs::test::url] should be used for all tests in the regression tests and avoids

problems with wrong URLs when running e.g. in a container

2) When running on a setup with self-signed certificates, the curl requests require a "-k"

flag to be passed. Otherwise, the regression test fails.

Rework URL validation in ad_dom_sanitize_html

We now prefer higher level api to determine:

- if a URL is external

- what protocol should be assumed for a URL when this is relative or protocol-relative