gustafn in OpenACS

make sure to avoid empty .css or .js requests

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    • +6
improve robustness when partial results are returned

remove fallback to obsolete version of ckeditor and bail out instead

make "include_header_info" and therefore handling of "extra_js" more robust

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Switch order of "ns_return 500" and "ad_log error" to see the error message also in cases, where "ns_return 500" will fail due to a already closed connection,

(Many thanks to Franz Penz for the suggestion)

move test cases for lc_monetary_currency to acs-outdated, where the definition lives

file format-test.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file format-test.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

remove debug output

The xowikiimage plugin requires "standard-all". Currently, the CKeditor CDN seems to have troubles. If this pe3rsists, we have to switch per-default to "standard", and drop the plugin for the time being, or rewrite it.

CKeditor has on its CDN just "standard", "basic" and "full". Default now to "standard" instead of "standard-all"

improve comments, add dprecated warning

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improve comments

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Partly revert the last change, since variable "item_id" is hard-wired in the old-style "generate" method

remove ":instvar", improved comments

Add cast (many thanks to Franz Penz for the change)

fix typo

new API call "http_auth::basic_authentication_decode" to replace 3 distinct implementations of this logic

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clean dirty editor buffer

fix bug in basic authentication, when user password contains a colon

fix bug: never update references in the search renderer

before, it was possible that the search renderer added some

unsresolved references, although these were already fixed.

This was caused by the asynchrnous search queue, which

might have inserted such values.

The interface of Page.render was extended to be able to

specify, that the references should be always updated in the DB,

or just when unresolved references are encountered, or


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improve documentation

bump version number to 1.2 to reflect changes

make sure, no handles are left over, when ns_ldap commands fail

break overlong lines

quote HTML attributes

whitespace cleanup and break overlong lines

whitespace changes

modernize Tcl code