gustafn in OpenACS

- Refactor ad_get_login_url reduce replicated code and to make semantics clearer

- ad_get_login_url handles now as well cases, where a subsite is mapped to an application package on a subsite

- fix a bug in util_current_location in connection with hostnode map

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    • +144
Fix typo in comment

provide default for email_verified_p

- Don't name valdation black and formal argument the same

make sure, the message key in the comment is shown correctly in API browser

- handle fetch via revision_id over perpared statement

- repated formfields: set repeat formfield empty if nothing is returned from form (man thanks to Thomas Renner for the patch)

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When the kernel parameter "NsShutdownWithNonZeroExitCode" is set (e.g. in the config file) and NaviServer is used, return with a non-zero exit code after ns_shutdown. This lets e.g. windows system to restart the service automatically (the sample config file for openacs in the naviserver archive is updated as an example)

Use per-thread caching instead of nsv for never-changing variable (use ::acs::database_type instead of nsv ad_database_type; when available)

This improves concurrency and performance for tight loops (e.g. in developer support)

fix for cases in repeat fields, where min != 1

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- use shortcut for "select" in db_exec_plsql to bypass anonymous function creation

- use shortcut for "select" in db_exec_plsql to bypass anonymous function creation

- remove misleading SQL statement

Improve HTML

- fixing regexp for message key in group::new

- Introducing lang::util::message_key_regexp to avoid similar confusions in the future

- bump verison number of acs-lang to 5.9.1b4

- bump version number of acs-subsite to 5.9.1b5

remove unneeded xql query


- provided a warning, when specified group_id is ignored

- fix dicumentation

- simplify logic


- provide a warning, when subsite overrulese a specified application_group_id

- provide a warning, when multiple groups with the same name exists, but an arbitrary one is returned

- don't ignore specified subsite_id

- remove tests, which are always true

- fix bug in group::get_id: don't ignore application_group_id in case it is provided

Fix code in cases, were object_type is not provided

- fix broken list nesting of html widget specs

- use links more consistent: add prefix /api-doc/ to urls for "see also" (like in other cases)

addressing #3318 (the actual bug was there for 10+ years)

compare with group_id, not subsite_id

- when ShowMembersListTo is set to "3", show list to members only, when this is not the whole subsite

- improve documentation

strengthen regepx for message keys (require a single dot)

- add missing curly bracket

- Don't add stuff tu the search queue when publish_status is expired

- Remove duplicate processing of tags (was duplicated since 16 (!!) years, many thanks to Franz Penz for noticing)

- remove unneeded variable