gustafn in OpenACS

fix typo

reduce verbosity

reduce verbosity (set verbose_blocking per default to 0), improve speed of dump creation

added example line to ease spotting of the creation of unnamed mutexes

provide name for mutexes to ease spotting potential locks

allow points computation in cases, where some grading schemes fail.

Before, the grading code was overly conservative and refused to

compute achieved points in such cases

avoid burst cache hits by using nsvs instead of ns_cache for secret token caching

The problem with the prevision version was that ns_cache has no equivalent

to nsv_array to get in an atomic fashion all key value pairs from the cache.

thefore, for the per-thread caching, a tight loop was used processing

the result of ns_cache_keys. If this was necessary in a high number of

threads, higher lock times were possible (~100ms). The new version

should not face this problem.

use term "Preview" for testing single test items

new form-field class: boolean_checkbox

behaves like boolean, but provdes just a single checkbox instead of yes/no radio in "boolean"

the output is full compatible with "boolean".

The boolean_checkbox is used in test-item procs for a more slim correct/incorrect specification

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fixed ckeditor form field for inline mode.

use inline mode for editing test items

added a describe funtion for MC items

upgrade to CKEditor 4.15.1

move xowiki::test::get_url_from_location to automated testing

handle updaed query-handling in ns_parseurl

remoe dependency from file-storage tests to xowiki

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use "keep_order=true" for test-item selection boxes

candidate_box_select: provide optional the feature to keep the user selected order

The change is fully backward compatible. Per default, the order in the actual

selected values is the same as in the candidate selection box. When

the new parameter "keep_order" is provided, the order of the selected

values is kept as selected by the user.

candidate_box_select: provide per default larger boxed (easer for dnd)

request monitor overhaul:

- new parameter "do_double_click_prevention" (default: on)

When turned off, double click prevention can be selectively

turned off.

- new parameter "monitor_urls" (default: / /register/ /dotlrn/)

track for these URLs performance via minin responsetime plugin

- added upgrade script for removing old parameters

- bump version to 0.60

file callback-proc.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

allow value checkers in ad_procs

avoid to try to return an error to client in request processor when connection was already closed

improve wording

provide minimal feedback when enforce permission fails in background operation

add hook to write changed blueprints

fix typo

added value checker from page filters to slots: "nohtml" and "html"

Made flowplayer more secure by reject markup in argument

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perform checking on input variable

Split up basic user information (one.tcl) and the users contributions (one-contributions)

Without this change, one.tcl becomes unusable for large sites, where some

users have literally millions of objects (e.g. admins migrating some data).

We have seen the query running for several hours. Maybe, one should

limit also in the splitted case the number of presented contributions

file one-contributions.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file one-contributions.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

report changes in blueprint size when reloading files

improve spelling