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Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idioms

Fix automated tests

Bump version numbers so chat depends on latest xotcl-core

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Rely on xotcl ORM machinery to handle acs_object metadata instead of doing it manually

Allow allow to specify context_id for the object in save and save_new methods

Add acs_object attributes to ::xo::db::Object slots definition

Pretty names have been taken from acs_attributes defined on a vanilla instance on acs_object, which apparently are not localized. Changes to cr-procs are to make sure new object members from slots don't interfere with previous behavior for CrItems

Subst language before feeding it to the workflow machinery (fixes test)

Validation on 'get_instance_from_db' only

Switch to a sql-only approach (fixes regression)

Move validation block into page contract

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Right way to override the fetching of an object is thorugh the fetch query

This would not be necessary once we add acs_object attributes to ::xo::db::Object slots, but as side-effects of this are not clear we leave it for some other time

Chat Redesign: clicking in your own name points to '/pvt/home' instead of '/shared/community-member'

Fix upgrade script

Fix typo

fix site issues #136 and #140

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fix site issue #139

Replace old procedural api with OO idioms and deprecate it

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file upgrade-6.0.0d1-6.0.0d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Chat Reform: reduce complexity by removing the 'chat_avatar_allow' privilege, 'chat_room_edit' should suffice.

file xotcl-chat-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Major reform in the chat backend: use xotcl-core ORM to define all the relevant objects and data model

This greatly converges oracle and postgres codebase and will make easier to apply incremental updates to the data model in the future. It will also automatically update the acs_object_type metadata automatically

TODO: remove legacy procs, temporarly reimplemented using the new backend

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Remove old commented-out code

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Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idioms

No need for ad_decode and also no need to count all swas, we just want to know if there is one

Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idiom

Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idioms