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Secure forums delete button by protecting the message_id with a timed signature

make sure to populate global variable for different notations of the default database

use usual spelling convention

Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

add missing file

Fix incorrect default value

Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null'

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Remove deprecated proc 'db_nullify_empty_string' from doc

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null' and update doc accordingly

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Deprecate 'db_nullify_empty_string', essentially just returning the same string it receives

Deprecate 'db_null'

Trailing whitespace cleanup

dotlrn cache reform: added missing cache flush; added caching of "community_key"

bump version number to 5.10.0d2 and update dependencies

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bump version number to 5.10.0d23

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parameter::get_from_package_key: check as well in "global" package parameter

and make clear, that lookup from non-singleton packages does not make


fix typos

improve comments, make function private to avoid confusions

improve comment

Make sure variable is an array

no need to call private function

follow usual naming conventions

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no need to call private function of other package

Ease usage of util_memoize during startup. let util_memoize succeed,

even when the cache is not yet created

use separate urlspace for site-node cache to reduce lock contention

prefer inline SQL over generic xql to make apm code usable during initialization

ad_form reform:

- use actual flags instead of parsing arguments all the time

- retrieve proc flags from ad_proc definition (TODO: have some api for this?)

- follow the thread of peculiar ad_form logic to fix new csrf signing feature

- improve documentation using @param instead of manual formatting

- leave some note to travellers in the code

new parameter "fallback_languages":

Specify space delimited two character codes for checking default languages. When this parameter is non-empty, try to get the page in the specified languages as fallback rather than offering a link for creation of a page in the requested locale. Per default this paramter is empty.

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