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Address issue with .SELF. references in exams (xowf)

Since it is the goal of the exams to store all resources directly

under the questions, handling extra .SELF. references (which are

inserted by a downstream plugin for CKeditor) do not make sense. A

probably cleaner solution to this is to configure the CKeditor

to omit the .SELF. references in these cases.

address (partly) the issue with .SELF. links in exams

Added convenience function ::xowiki::test::get_content

This function eases testing by just retrieving the content part of a

page, leaving out header and footers of the theme.

whitespace changes

cleanup test

use more compact idioms, remove useless code, etc.

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added a test for checking the results of the preview of test-items

Since the preview workflow requires a multiple redirects, xowiki::test::edit_form_page

requires a new flag refetch to actually turn off automatic refetching of the result

page, since this does not give us access to the redirect location returned by

the edit command.

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include item_id in result dict of ::xowiki::test::create_form_page

this makes it possible to perform further checks without refetch by name

fixed test case

returned violation on plain instance

New automated test for a page, including another page, which includes a picture, checking that everything works as expected

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output warning message, in case form constraints could not be parsed

Differentiate the case of a field being a repeat field or a "normal" coumpound field: in the first case, the whole 'internal' should be converted regardless of the number of components, in the latter, keep the previous behavior

Fixes xowiki create_form_with_numeric after regression in https://cvs.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=oacs-5-10%3Aantoniop%3A20220117174044

Do not apply the new convert_to_external to repeat fields, stick with the previous behavior

Fixes xowiki create_form_with_form_instance automated test

improve readability of generated HTML

added "@see" to deprecated proc

improve warning message

get rid of legacy message key "menu-Clipboard-Copy"; "menu-Clipboard-Use-Copy" is used since several years instead

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handle empty list elements in spec_list of "create_components"

initialize variable for error cases

Make sure configuration is applied consistently to all of the multiple instances of the chat class (add message, subscription, login...) that are involved in a conversation

This fixes certain options such as login and logout message not being applied correctly

added "convert_to_external" for Compound fieds, save result of convert_to_internal in the form-field value

generalize locales with a decimal point as comma, extend test with repeated form fields

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Bring back de_DE as language in the test

Use double quotes consistently in comment

Extend automated test with usage of a numeric formfield in the context of a compound field, use it_IT as the locale to check against, as upstream de_DE has also the dot separator like en_US

provide test case for the form-field "numeric" with switching the lanuage preferences

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fix message for deprecated folder

Fix typo: pretty_link needs the name of the page, rather than the object itself

output warning for unexpected input

whitespace changes

Various small improvements:

- Page->content_header_append/content_header_get: new methods to

include HTML content before the form. One use case ist to include

additional forms this way, since these cannot be included in the

main form of a FormPage. The additional content is displayed in the

www-view method.

- FormPage->create_form_fields_from_names: new convenience function to create

form-fields via their names. The definitions of the named form-fields are

taken from the provided form_constraints. This function is useful when

only a subset of the form-constraints definitions should be used

to create form-fields.

- improve comments

- improve argument checking on parent_id to be able to provide better

error messages

- reduce usage of regexp for performance reasons

- improve spelling