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add richtext-ckeditor4 module

Fix typo

Add 'category_get_procs' test case, covering multiple category::get... procs

Adapt proc doc to the implementation

Whitespace changes

Fix 'category::get_id' and 'category::get_id_by_object_title' queries, that aparently got mixed up in the past

Fix 'category::get_id' query

Whitespace changes

Set categories for tests

mark unsued function "proc_source_file_full_path" as deprecated.

simplify code

Handle the case where the iframe URL points to an external website: just skip the iframe-loop check

Whitespace changes

Remove unused and not working query

Whitespace cleanup

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Reduce hardcoded execs: the util might be improved to avoid them at some point

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Humanize indentation

Fix typo in library doc

Fix typo in proc doc

Add trivial 'dotlrn_static_pretty_name' test case

Implement 'dotlrn_static::remove_applet' and 'dotlrn_static::remove_portlet', and make 'dotlrn_static::add_portlet' return the element_id after adding the portlet to the portal

Add 'dotlrn_static__applet_portlet' test case, covering 'dotlrn_static::add_applet', 'dotlrn_static::add_portlet', 'dotlrn_static::add_portlet_helper', 'dotlrn_static::remove_portlet' and 'dotlrn_static::remove_applet'

Set procs in the 'file_storage::twt' namespace as private

Set procs in the 'faq::twt' namespace as private

Fix proc names

Add 'dotlrn_homework_portlet_add_remove_from_page' test case, covering 'dotlrn_homework_portlet::add_self_to_page', 'dotlrn_homework_portlet::remove_self_from_page', 'dotlrn_homework_portlet::add_self_to_page' and 'dotlrn_homework_portlet::remove_self_from_page'

New public method for the renaming form loader: name_to_question_obj_dict

Provide quick mapping from the mangled attribute name to the question obj

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Always make sure to clear any previously scheduled upload, before scheduling another one

This handles the case when a connection times out (readyState 4 and status = 0). In this case both the rescheduling in the readystatechange handler and in the timeout handler would be executed.

added detail info for xowf::test_item::answer_manager achieved_points

the result dict of this method has now a key "details" containing

information about the query object, the achieved points and the achievable points

for this test item. Previously, just the sums were reported.

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added example-usage of set_css_property -querySelector