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Replace stored procedures with inline queries and reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

remove unneeded feature (see issue #3364)

fix brken verison (see issue #3366)

improve indentation

Fix typos

Recover include intended behavior:

this include was supposedly looking at subgroups of the provided group_id (clearly stated in the doc), while in fact scope was always forcefully set on package_id from the connection

Streamline multirow creation

Redefine include as ad_include_contract with docs and parameters in the right place

Remove unneeded statements

Fix typo

Get rid of warning: "template::form::check_elements: MISSING FORMWIDGET"

fix for bug #3367 (many thanks to Rainer Bachleitner)

document parameter consitently concerning required server restarts

Chat Redesign: scroll down list of messages when clicking the 'Full screen' trigger

Chat Redesign: better adjust height to avoid issues on 'Full screen' mode on certain tablets

Prefer classic block comments in css to avoid potential side-effects

add session_id invalidation

Chat Redesign: set min-width to the send form and the 'Full screen' trigger so they do not overlap in very small widths

treat behind_secure_proxy_p like security::secure_conn_p for useing secure cookies in general and for the secure login cookie

Chat Redesign: set min-width to the send button, so it does not collapse in very small widths

use secure token when running behind a secure proxy the same way as when running directly a secure session

Don't trust value of login_level just on basis of the session cookie

improve comment and provide warning, when kernel parameter is overruled

modernize exception handling: use proper try/throw instead of swallowing "catch"

call sec_login_handler instead of just sec_generate_session_id_cookie, since otherwise, cryptographically valid session cookie could be used without a ad_login_cookie

prefer https over http on request going to openacs.org

Chat Redesign: use hyphens and overflow-wrap to manage line overflow, instead of just blindly breaking all words

- fix caching bug, when urls are retrieved via object_ids, and packages are unmounted

- make code more robust

- extend regression tests

Fix typo

Replace silent catch with something nicer