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call sec_login_handler instead of just sec_generate_session_id_cookie, since otherwise, cryptographically valid session cookie could be used without a ad_login_cookie

prefer https over http on request going to openacs.org

Chat Redesign: use hyphens and overflow-wrap to manage line overflow, instead of just blindly breaking all words

- fix caching bug, when urls are retrieved via object_ids, and packages are unmounted

- make code more robust

- extend regression tests

Fix typo

Replace silent catch with something nicer

Fulfill Lars old dream by using a thread safe idiom

Fix missing close bracket

Chat Redesign: hide background scroll bar in 'Full screen' mode

Chat Redesign: avoid timestamp float overlapping by clearing floats after the message block

Don't use the "javascript:" presudo-URL idiom to avoid CSP complaints from the browser

Provide a working way to configure the plain xowiki chat includelet:

at Chat class instantiation one can now specify a configuration dict that will be

persisted in an nsv and used to set option parameters (instance variables) such as login messages, logout messages

and the messages time window (and potentially other options in the future). This persistent configuration happpens whenever a client

logs in.

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Chat Redesign: be more explicit in the send icon padding and border, to avoid unintended theme inheritance

Retract configurability for plain xowiki includelet as, without some way of persisisting the conf over subsequent object instantiations, would really not work and also ignore chat room configs

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Use again more standard idiom to fix user picture border this time

Use more standard-friendly idioms when rendering user information (fixes colors in IE)

Properly close button tag (Explorer was complaining)

Use a more standard-friendly idiom to attach an event handler (fixes IE)

Give a UI for chat admins to retrieve and copy xowiki includelet code to embed a chat in xowiki pages

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Allow also plain xowiki includelet to specifiy if we want login and logout messages and the past messages time window through includelet parameters

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Comment out mapping of resources to the theme package while deciding if this is really the way to go

Fix typo

Chat Redesign: avoid breakage produced by veeeeeeery long words by breaking them using the 'word-break' css property

Chat Redesign: revert setting automatically the focus on the input field after 'Full screen' switch, as it produces the not so nice effect on mobile devices of triggering the on-screen keyboard

Chat Redesign: add a fixed height to the 'xowiki-chat-messages-and-form' element on small widths, to make room for the user list and the input field.

Converge styling of chat in a single css file for both xowiki and chat packages

This might fork in the future, but there is no need atm

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Switch to a non-nsv approach to determine the right chat class

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Unclutter the code by putting mode detection in a separate proc

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Chat Redesign: restore focus on input field after 'Full screen' switch

Add leftover file

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