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make sure that ::template::reset_request_vars is run at the end of every request

fix for issue #3400

template::add_event_listener: use more compact form in most simple cases

remove quites from number

Trailing whitespace cleanup

Quote form field values in validation error messages to prevent XSS attacks

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fix issue #3392, improve testability via paramterization of clock value, add regression test, improve Tcl sanity

white space changes

Deprecate unamusing template::util::date::now_min_interval_plus_hour

Fix obvious bug; Note that the proc is still buggy, as it blindly incr's the hour value, even if it is 23 o'clock

Fix log warning message

template::add_event_listener: added documentation of flags "usecapture" and "preventdefault"

revert "-version" change since

- appending the version to the URL is a hack, not compatible with other versioning approaches

- it is not compatible with resource URNs,

- a more complex version managemnt is needed when dealing with

multiple versions in an installation.

Add parameter 'version' also to 'template::head::add_javascript' and 'template::head::add_script'

Add parameter 'version' to both 'template::head::add_css' and 'template::head::flush_link', in order to add a version to certain resources, as a query parameter, to perform 'cache busting' and forcing retrieval of stale files by the browser

Quote the value of the "inform"-widget value before rendering it

Quote the value of the "inform"-widget value before rendering it

support Subresource Integrity (SRI) settings in template::head::add_css (crossorigin and integrity)

added: template::head::can_resolve_urn

Add URN-resover for add_body_script

add URN handler to support delivering of registered URNs. This is necessary

for e.g. javascript files, that want to request such files

file head-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

improve spelling

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Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idiom

whitespace changes

address issue #3384

Greatly reduce complexity of code required to support -export flag for ad_form:

instead of juggle variables around to mimick export_vars, just set -export flag

value as a form property, then use the real export_vars on it later when form

is rendered. This will support all current features (e.g. :multiple, :sign, :array)

more reliably and reduce code duplication.

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made value retrival for parameters "DefaultDimensionalStyle" and "DefaultListFilterStyle" theme aware

whitespace changes