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fix once more handling of internal redirects in error cases

many thanks to thomas renner!

Maintain revision date for "update_attribute_from_slot"

This is not a full-featured version, since it does not update the

modifying user and the modifying IP (since this data is not

always available). But this version is at least good enough

for experimenting and checking for unwanted side-effects.

xotcl-core: upadated version number to 5.10.0d40

xowf: upadated version number to 5.10.0d39

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improve comments, make logging output more regular

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Make sure the file is downloaded with a .seb extension

Avoid double encoding of base URL

file upgrade-1.4.2-1.5.0.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file safe-exam-browser-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Basic backend support for Safe Exam Browser (https://safeexambrowser.org/):

via the API is possible to associate a Safe Exam Browser configuration and its validation key to

the proctored object. The proctored page will then take care of enforcing that, if the safe exam

browser is in use, the supplied request header matches with the configuration and the URL.

When such match fails, we now return the configuration file to the browser, so that users can

open it and restart their session properly configured.

improve comments and reguarity of log messages

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no need to ask answer_manager for package_id

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fix editing bug

Prefer bind variables in sql idiom

add missing variable which was deleted during the refactoring of the exam protocol

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Do not localize the file name: it is not expected that message keys are expanded here as we do for the file title

Port sanitizing of upload file name from downstream

Remove message keys sanitizing, which does not belong here

add bulk-notification functionality to participants_table

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adapt personal-notification interface to support bulk messaging

file upgrade-1.2.3-1.3.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file upgrade-1.3.1-1.4.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Reconcile unusual folder structure

Formatting change

Refactor display and edit modes to be based on ad_form. Many thanks to Monika Andergassen and Günter Ernst

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Zoom LTI Interface: do not unset "lis_person_sourcedid" and "lis_person_contact_email_primary". The latter is not needed if a user should be logged in as "Student", but is required if the user should be logged in as "Instructor". "Instructor" in the Zoom context means, giving this person the permission to create/manage meetings in the context of the launch. Which roles are considered by Zoom as being an "Instructor" have to be specified in the settings of Zoom's "LTI Pro" application.

Complete coverage of public api for the developer support

Increase coverage of public api

Increase coverage of public api

Increment version number due to past catalog changes

Increase coverage of public api

file acs-developer-support-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.