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upgrade default ckeditor from 4.15.1 to 4.16.1 (released in May 2021)

Upgrade to jQuery 3.6.0 (released March 2021)

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check_expired_certificates: automated certificate nenewal for letsencrypt

This change reduce maintenance effort by automating certificate

renewal. When the NaviServer letsencrypt module is installed and

configured, the background operation check_expired_certificates will

automatically update the certificates when these expire soon (as

defined by the "ExpireCertificateWarningPeriod" parameter of

acs-admin). When a recent version of NaviServer is used that supports

certificate refetch on SIGHUP, the new certificates are automatically

updated without a server restart.


- Recent version of letsencrypt NaviServer module installed (0.6)

and configured

- Recent version of NaviServer (currently Bitbucket tip) for automated

certificate reloading

When the recent letsencrypt module is not installed,

check_expired_certificates sends expiration warnings as usual.

Therefore, it is also useful for sites using certificates from

different sources.

This new functionality was used for latest certificate renewal on


Added optional layout for question types, where question text and

answer interactions are displayed in two columns

The implementation supports responsive design and switches for small

width display again to single column display.

Supported question types:

- Text Interaction

- ShortText Interaction

- MC Interaction

- SC Interaction

- Reorder Interaction

- Upload Interaction

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xowf.info catalog/xowf.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml tcl/test-item-procs.tcl www/resources/test-item.css

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Extended regression test for test item procs

- compose exam by three exericises instead of one

- added test for short-text exercise with a file submission

- exam contain now a text exercise, a short-text exercise

with a file submission, and a MC question

- test case fills out first two questions in the test case

- bumped version number due to dependency on xowiki

(option "-next_page_must_contain" for "xowiki::test::edit_form_page")

improve comment

parameterize xowiki::test::edit_form_page with -next_page_must_contain

This changes supports more flexible checking of expected content on page after editing.

Default is backwards compatible

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added "ns_parseurl -strict" to icanuse definitions

reduce warnings on loading: Move resources to non-deprecated location

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reduce warnings on loading: Move resources to non-deprecated location

modernize old-style function and add missing function args

Add allowfullscreen

Move away from document.write, that would not reset the javascript environment of the document with many side effects and reimplement the fullscreen preview using an iframe

allow sorting of submissions via query parameter

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Improvements for the HTML sandbox feature:

- name the formfield consistently with its ancestry

- provide two preview and visualization styles: inline, where the page is displayed alongside the code and in an own window, opened by clicking on a button

- allow to customize whether one prefers the inline style preview, the window preview or none via the preview_inline and preview_window parameters

- fix visualization when formfield is rendered as readonly and no monaco editor is available

- localize button text

As we now enforce emails to be lowercase, also sanitize existing data

New HTML sandbox formfield based on the Monaco editor formfield

This field implement an HTML sandbox. The user can edit HTML code and see the result rendered in real time as a standalone document using an iframe. This formfield is meant for quick prototyping of HTML pages which can then be shared among other wiki users, taking also advantage of other wiki features such as versioning, access control and so on.

Whitespace cleanup

Make so that also party::update enforces emails to be lowercase, add/extend automated tests to make sure emails are lowercase everywhere

In order to make the "editor=" formfield spec option have any effect, one should catch the value from the spec early, before the formfield is reclassed and initialized

This also exposes that the editor=none value is not valid (detected by xowiki and xowf automated tests). For this to be valid one should define it as a richtext subclass.

Cloase bracket

Refine regex and extend tests

Extend 'validate_url' test case

make child_components a proc (::xowiki::formfield::child_components) and add filter expression

Extend 'acs_tcl__util_url_valid_p' test case

Make the check for relative URLs less strict to cover some valid cases (see RFC 1808) and extend test cases.

Unify URL checking, now that 'util_url_valid_p' accepts relative URLs. Extend 'validate_url' test case and bump package version for dependencies.

Add the 'relative' flag to 'util_url_valid_p', to check also relative URLs. Extend 'acs_tcl__util_url_valid_p' test case and bump package version.

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Added new method "child_components": Return for a list of form-field objs all child components