Styling improvements for exam answering workflows (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

- provide explicit text to "next" and "previous" buttons in pagination menu

- align appearance of "next" and "previous" buttons in pagination menu with GitHub

- removed class "input-group" for compound fields to improve appearance

- bumped version number of xowf to 5.10.1d48

adp:icon: extended list of generic names and support reloading

- adp:icon: added "next" and "previous" to generic names

- moved variable ::template::icon::map from *init.tcl to style-procs.tcl

to support changes via dynamic reloading via package manager

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d17

fix markup of documentation block

Port of downstream changes: grand admin permissions also on the admins of the parent community

Improve idiom (port from downstream)

Port of downstream changes: revoke the automatically assigned calendar_admin permissions to the creation user when a new calendar is added to a community via the applet, as they are not actually needed

Allow only one format for the 'date' query parameter, bringing the page contract in line with the "Go to date"-form on this page from which this value is supplied.

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Validate field names when these might come directly from the POST request and therefore contain arbitrary text

Now that oneof filter can handle a wider range of formattings, prefer this filter to manual validation

Prefer literal to noquote in template properties

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Prefer literal to noquote in template properties

Handle acs-mail-lite conf regarding the recipient in the test

Make sure test email is fine even when usernames are emails

Use lowercase letter to append to the fake username, so that if it should be an email, it will still be valid

Replace calls to deprecated call "util_commify_number"

Use lc_numeric instead

revert escaped version

reduce verbosity

in NaviServer mode, flush buffers after every file

This avoid potential interger overruns in Tcl, when sending many large files

over slow lines.

reduce verbosity

improve comments

avoid deprecated proc template::util::is_true

remove constant from deprecated message

Give people the chance to use OpenACS with WithDeprecatedCode set to 0

When OpenACS is configured to omit loading of long deprecated code

(WithDeprecatedCode set to 0) files like deprecated-procs.tcl are not

loaded. Therefore, these files should only contain code, which was

deprecated at LEAST ONE RELEASE EARLIER, such that site admins have

one release time to fix calls to deprecated code. This is especially

important for public procs.

Follow the litmus test suite and address issues reported in the "props" section:

* allow properties expressed in "high unicode" by using the database, rather than the filesystem to store them. (TODO: provide an own data-model, right now I am using persistent client properties)

* return all requested properties, reporting 404 when these properties do not exist

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Cleanup debug

Follow the litmus test suite and improve standard compliance for the "copymove" test section:

- return 204 when trying to copy on an existing resource (by trimming traling slash in the destination path before checking)

- return 409 when one tries to copy/move to a non-existant resource

This makes the "copymove" section pass without warnings

Fix boolean expression, as the permission api will return a generic boolean, not necessarily 1 or 0

Fix query in oacs_dav::children_have_permission_p

Test oacs_dav::children_have_permission_p: this test exposes a bug in the api

Modernize tcl