Apply downstream fixes

Test of the calendar portlet, admin and regular, for all views

The tests exposes typos and forgottent variables in upstream code

Test bm_portlet::show, but then make it private: it is not supposed to be invoked on its own, but via the Service Contract API

Claim additional coverage

Basic test of acs_mail_lite::send

file acs-mail-lite-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Make acs_mail_lite::utils::build_body, replace (commented) references in other packages

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Complete coverage for the package

file lang-widget-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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State new dependencies

Whitespace changes

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Replace deprecated api

Use new feature for dt_get_info to retrieve variables in a way that we know what is there and what not

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Allow dt_get_info to return its results as a dict or a simple value, without settings a ton of variable in the caller scope that are difficult to track

Deprecate leftover api

Deprecate all remaining dt_widget_* api

The rationale is that modern HTML5 provides already consistent and localized UI elements for date and time input. It is also difficult to style a widget that comes pre-baked by the api. One should either use acs-templating or xowiki feature to generate UIs, or modern HTML5 is in most cases sufficient.

Replace deprecated api

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Prevent Javascript in the comment content

Note that this check is additional to that coming from e.g. allowed tags or similar

Do not allow markup in the portlet name

Localize error message

Use a better regexp to reimplement ad_looks_like_html_p, use the improved api to port downstream feature: an ad_form datatype validator that won't allow to insert markup

Many thanks to Günter Ernst

Cleanup reference to deprecated api

Quote name, as this will be shown in the error message

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Do not allow data URLs

Use modern HTML and OpenACS features for date input, which do not require rendering via a custom widget api and cumbersome validation

Deprecate dt_widget_calendar_year

Cleanup dt_widget_calendar_navigation documentation

Deprecate dt_widget_calendar_navigation

Test dt_no_time_p

Deprecate ad_ns_set_to_tcl_vars, which can always be replaced with simple tcl idioms