antoniop in OpenACS

New test to detect smells of hacking in the code, raising a warning when certain smelly keywords are found

Trap errors happening when taking the picture, potentially dependent on the specific hardware/sowftware setup of the user, and abort the session in this case

Prefer the more modern api and fallback on the old idiom to support older NaviServer versions

Fix typo in message key, many thanks to Monika Andergassen

Make the test stricter: name the files all different so that their existance in the src of an img tag is certain for each of them

Cleanup redundant definition

Fix regression: do not issue the call when there are no headers

Extend xowiki.create_test_items automated test:

in the content of questions, use .SELF. references which should point to images stored underneath the question itself. Show that when the questions are used inside of exams, the .SELF. reference will currently not be resolved to the question and result in an unresolved link.

New automated test for a page, including another page, which includes a picture, checking that everything works as expected

Differentiate the case of a field being a repeat field or a "normal" coumpound field: in the first case, the whole 'internal' should be converted regardless of the number of components, in the latter, keep the previous behavior

Fixes xowiki create_form_with_numeric after regression in

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Do not apply the new convert_to_external to repeat fields, stick with the previous behavior

Fixes xowiki create_form_with_form_instance automated test

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Remove unopened tag

Quote URL in the redirect

Whitespace cleanup

Test ::xowf::Package proc create_new_workflow_page

Mark api as tested

Test content::item::content_is_null public api, which has immediately found a typo

Make sure configuration is applied consistently to all of the multiple instances of the chat class (add message, subscription, login...) that are involved in a conversation

This fixes certain options such as login and logout message not being applied correctly

Update localization

Bring back de_DE as language in the test

Use double quotes consistently in comment

Extend automated test with usage of a numeric formfield in the context of a compound field, use it_IT as the locale to check against, as upstream de_DE has also the dot separator like en_US

Ease the transition from no_empty to no_cache flag on this public api

Fix typo: pretty_link needs the name of the page, rather than the object itself

Add the root folder id to the cache key so that when one does not specify any parent_id, the method still reacts to a package being uninstantiated or the root folder messed around with

Fixes xowiki automated tests when run all together in the same request

Port reform that replaces publish status display from a png to a character + css style to the xowiki/admin/list

The behavior of the default table widget had to be adapted to reflect that of the bootstrap one: css class from the line is appended to that from the field definition

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Fail with the actual error message when parsing the value fails, rather than because of "result" variable not being set

Replace reference to long-missing message key

Smartify idioms