trenner in OpenACS

allow sorting of submissions via query parameter

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    • +1
show personal bulk-notification link only if at least one user can receive the notification

add missing variable which was deleted during the refactoring of the exam protocol

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add bulk-notification functionality to participants_table

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    • +3
adapt personal-notification interface to support bulk messaging

add question_info_block to documentation block

add explicit return to be more human readable

split out question_info_block

fix typo

force en_US locale

added attachments for text_interaction

use language prefix from system locale

fix typo

call 'next' to ensure file attachments are stored in the database and content repository

fix attachments for short_text_interaction

Add PostgreSQL integrated websearch_to_tsquery builder, which can be activated via PackageParameter UseWebSearch

file tsearch2-driver-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

consider subject field restriction from the database also in the ui

mark end of switches to improve robustness, to support '-' in word variable

fix typo: list element '1' is the upper limit

fix typo

add the original filename to the generated url, so that it is also delivered to the user

use proper user_id

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ensure workflow actions are updated properly, depending on the user role

remove the view action - for the moment we do not need it

skip hidden fields to avoid empty td elements for the user

distinguish between url and item_ref

relax url detection

add check if item_id exists

fix typo in log statement