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Improve fix: if any other click handler would take longer than the timeout (e.g. an alert) don't wait again

Make sure disabling the button always happens before re-enabling the button and that both happen after all other click handlers have completed

adp:toggle_button: added "id" attribute

skip "-url" in "export_vars -url" since it is the default

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fix cut&paste error

Cleanup debug statements, re-instate safe tmpfile check

Fixes acs-templating automated tests

adp:toggle_button: add "href" (default "#") for use when ... tag="a" ...

Added attributes "tag" and "type" to "adp:toggle_button" to increase applicability

- Bootstrap3 is picky and allows just "<a>" tags for the navigation

buttons, whereas Bootstrap4 and 5 would also allow <button> with

appropriate classes for nav-items and nav-links.

So, use <... tag="a"... > for use of nav buttons with potential

Dropdowns with Bootstrap 3.

- Potential attributes for this tag are:

- "tag" (default "button")

- "toggle"

- "target"

- "type" (default "button")

The attribute "type" is just valid when "tag" is "button".

- Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the suggestion.

improved spelling

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minor changes: fixed typo, ease debugging, ...

Use modern api

Update api to streamline idiom

Update api

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Localize error message

Use a better regexp to reimplement ad_looks_like_html_p, use the improved api to port downstream feature: an ad_form datatype validator that won't allow to insert markup

Many thanks to Günter Ernst

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Gracefully reject invalid lists supplied as a file triple instead of failing and log the occurrence

Do not introduce extra newline in the content when writing to file

Test read/write of files via the templating api:

this will fail because we currently introduce an extra newline in the content

Deprecate template::form::export, superseded by export_vars

Cover additional api

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage, add more interesting values to the test

Test other trivial wrappers

Increase proc coverage

improved support for cluster-wide operations

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improve strictness of tests

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Replace ad_tmpnam with new tmpfile api, cleanup temporary files

improve spelling

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Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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