michaela in OpenACS

Fix documentation

Fix documentation (complete list of array fields)

Fix documentation (without a trailing slash, a redirect will happen, which transforms the POST into a GET request, which then will not be processed)

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Fix documentation

Remove duplicate column

Fix obvious bug; Note that the proc is still buggy, as it blindly incr's the hour value, even if it is 23 o'clock

Fix log warning message

Delete unneeded line

Fix acs_activity__edit (TODO: upgrade script)

[PostgreSQL 11] Change 'with (iscachable)' to IMMUTABLE for PG11

Fix missing close bracket

Fix typo

Provide member_state to page member-state-change, as this parameter is required since http://fisheye.openacs.org/browse/OpenACS/openacs-4/packages/acs-admin/www/users/member-state-change.tcl?r1=

Fix test for pseudo-boolean value that stopped to work because of


Avoid missing variable error upon form validation

Switch from naturalnum to integer validator as there are valid negative group ids, e.g. -2

Localize possible I18n message in folder name

Dont even offer to delete the root folder as this is prevented anyway

Allow themeing of /packages/acs-tcl/lib/complain

Add missing message

Pass name of form down to form::get_attributes

Fix missing close bracket

Repair broken link: refer to page 'object' instead of to page 'list'

Dont require role at the ends of relationships as this is not required in the data model and standard relationships (e.g. membership_rel, admin_rel) lack these roles as well

Fix page for deleting roles

Improve confusing documentation text.

Use nextval() instead of .nextval

Use info commands instead of info procs

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Use info commands instead of info procs in order to retrieve widgets