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Cleanup reference to deprecated api

removed test depending on some internals.

These test are convered by the web-tests, so these seem not necessary

Use signed value for form_parameter "__object_name"

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d40

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improve field validation

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Test behavior of the omit formfield spec

Preliminary cleanup

In this test we will loop through instances of ::xowiki::Page currently in memory to perform some checks. When multiple tests run in the same request, we cannot guarantee that other tests won't create ::xowiki::Page instances that won't comply with the conditions here. We cleanup any existing object in advance to start from a clean slate.

Extend test: show that even when a field is defined as disabled, a request crafted to carry these fields will get through and the values will be stored

A fix will come shortly, similar to what was done for compound fields

fix warning (including some false positives) in regression test

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Document and enforce expected behavior when Forms are deleted: this is forbidden and returns an error as long as they have instances

make regression test more robust with respect to yui rendering

Cleanup dummy commands and objects to avoid cross interactions between tests

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Cleanup test for deleted api

Improved Bootrap5 support

- transformed PageInstance->adp_parse_tags into an adp_proc

xowiki::PageInstance->adp_parse_tags to ease usage outside methods.

- made personal-notification proc agonsitic of Boostrap 3

- renamed attribute "-glyphicon" to "-adpicon" in


and use adp:icon instead

- added regression test

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d26

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Alignments for Bootstrap 5

Also, use form.form for creating forms from the menubar instead of

old-strle ::xowiki::Forms. Aligned as well regression test to use


Bump version number to 5.10.1d24

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prefer variable ::acs::rootdir over proc [acs_root_dir]

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Fix provide language prefixes for pages in the test

Fix template case

fix bug: tcl clock format %e returns in current versions single digit values with leading whitespace, which are invalid values for the options field.

Since non of the date-component fields is supposed to contain leading (or trailing) white-space,

this is now trimmed.

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added regression test for includelet includelet "child-resources"

added private function xowiki::test::require_form_page to ease regression testing

add test cases for three different toc styles

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no need to sort already sorted sequence

This problem was introduced via the ns_strcoll support which is not sufficiently clever on numbers.

We should support for numerical sort when needed (which seems rare enough)

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Test also that links rendered in the ToC point to an existing page

At least in the setup tested so far, links seem to contain the language prefix and would not be resolved correctly

Improve comment

add test file for includelt testing, that does not require the full webtest overhead

file includelet-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Extend the test for the case where all links should be expanded

This tests also exposes issued with the sorting

Extend test to start enforcing that the expected number of links is rendered and that the sorting is correct

This will expose that already in this simple case, we have that "100" comes before "2"

Basic test where we render the ToC includelet

This test currently fails because of a bug concerning the ul_class variable

file tree-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.