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Implement a new filter for inclass-exam submissions

When displayed by the print-answers method, allow to filter also for not graded.

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improved spelling

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Added site-wide admin pages for xowf

This makes it easy for admins to locate the site-wide pages

(pages, which can be used in all xowf instances)

file index.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file index.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Add missing javascript file

file inclass-exam.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Styling improvements for exam answering workflows (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

- provide explicit text to "next" and "previous" buttons in pagination menu

- align appearance of "next" and "previous" buttons in pagination menu with GitHub

- removed class "input-group" for compound fields to improve appearance

- bumped version number of xowf to 5.10.1d48

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improve styling for Bootstrap 5

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Added Drag and Drop interface for feedback files

- When grading a student, feedback files can be added via drag and drop

- Caution was spent to avoid potentially slow refresh operations on

log exam protocols. All interactions use AJAX and update the

DOM tree directly

- The feedback files are displayed as thumbnails

- When permissions allow, the thumbnail files can be directly viewed and/or deleted

- Supports Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap 5

- Support for composite questions.

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d43

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improve styling of SC and MC questions with bootstrap5

Previously, the labels were written in the wrong line.

make calculation of [ns_set array [ns_getform]] more robust

in case, invalid UTF-8 is passed in, [ns_getform] might be empty.

probably this could also be addressed in NaviServer

improve styling of horizonal form fields (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

beautify output with changed rendering in Firefox 96

Improved configurability of inclass exam

- added modal window for showing all configuration options

- depending on the state of an exam (whether students have stated

working on the exam or not) different options can be

altered. E.g. the grading scheme can be adjusted at any time, since

it is not visible to students prior to exam review.

- improved configurability of form-fields:

. new feature: fc_repository for shared definitions

(can be reused in the same configuration on multiple occasions)

. when form-constraints are defined with an empty short-spec,

the system tries to look this up from the fc_repository.

- extended answer manager:

. new method: student_submissions_exist

. renamed methods

. "student_submissions" -> "submissions"

(since result my include as well test run results)

. "get_answers" -> "get_answer_attributes"

to better distinguish from "submissions"

- base "merge_constraints" on dicts

- prefer forwarder over instance variable for referring

the question manager(QM)

- extended Message keys with "Configuration"

- added missing German translations in message keys

- bump version to 5.10.1d17

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improve styling in exam protocol

Added support for user-supplied grading schemes

Grading schemes provide a means to map achieved percentages to a numeric grade.

In the current versions, a fixed number of 5 grades is supported.

A grading scheme consists of a grounding scheme and grading boundaries.

- A grading scheme can be selected at exam definition time

- Lecturers can define their own grading schemes and reuse these between exams

- Available grounding schemes:

* no rounding (recommended for small exams, e.g. 5 minutes or 2 points)

* by percent (the calculated percentages are rounded to the provided number of digits)

* by points (the calculated points are rounded to the provided number of digits)

- The grounding precision can be defined by the user (e.g. to 2 digits)

- The grading boundaries represent percentages boundaries necessary for a certain grade

- When selecting no grading scheme, no grading information is provided in the exam protocol

(just percentages)

More changes:

- allow grading also, when student has not submitted the exam

- added percentage information in the grading-box (esp. useful for composite questions)

- renamed predefined grading schemes to more neutral terms

- provide easy-to-type names for question-manager, answer-manager and form-loader

- new utility for more robust list-comparions

- defined validating form-field type for grading boundaries

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assessment-index.page: replace "delete" button by "archive" button for exams.

To reduce the likelihood that someone accidentally deletes a fresh exam,

the "delete" button was replaced for exam-instances by an "archive" button.

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Offer just edit-interaction elements as test items; prefer simple title

Added support for manual grading and individual feedback

- Lecturers can provide points and feedback comments

directly via exam protocol

- Grading is allowed, when student has submitted the exam or

the exam is not open

- Composite questions are graded at the sub-question level

- Manual grading have a higher priority than automatic grades

- Manual grading/comments can be undone by clearingfield

(showing then missing points, automated computed points, ...)

- Grades and comments are included in the exam review for

students ("Einsicht").

- Grading interactions are implemented as AJAX calls

(no need for redrawing the exam protocol, immediate feedback)

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minor styling improvements

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- fix collateral damage from earlier submissions download change (error: can't read "__form_fields")

- improve styling (many thanks to Monika Andergassen and Stephan Adelsberger)

for composite questions in 2-col layout

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added CSS properties for adding scrollbars to overly large exam texts. Not sure, these are always wanted.

include form-vars in log messages for workflows since this eases debugging

xowf.info catalog/xowf.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml tcl/test-item-procs.tcl www/resources/test-item.css

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reduce warnings on loading: Move resources to non-deprecated location

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improve comments and reguarity of log messages

add more more option for quick debugging passed in form data

preserve colors for printing "match-contains" and "match-contains-not"

Background: bootstrap.css removes all backgrounds per default.

added exam-overview

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