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Added edit-workflows for test items: edit-interaction.wf

This change eases tailorization of actions of editing workflow

and makes it possible to address all types of testitems via

a single term

-form en:edit-interaction.wf

instead of having to enumerate the relevant types explicitly as

it was before

-form en:TestItemText.form|en:TestItemShortText.form|en:TestItemMC.form|en:TestItemSC.form|...

For backward compatibility, the old enumeration is kept for a while. New test

items should be created over the new workflow, as e.g. in

{entry -name New.Item.TextInteraction -form en:edit-interaction.wf -query p.item_type=Text}

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use "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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added a saftey belt and a warning message, when someone tries to create a shared wf container on an object with no valid revision id

improve spelling

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added atjob-form to site-wide pages of xowf

added support for inclass-exam for scheduled opening and closing of exams

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provide method "util_user_message" to be able to use util_user_message also in background jobs

make sure, every job has an xo::cc defined

add ability to use x out of y questions (when order randomization is used)

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make init-procs more robust in case of broken setups

optionally disallow cut&paste in multi-line form fields

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improve wording

cleanup (generalize and simplify code)

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countdown alarm: add audible alarm when the countdown timer reaches expiration.

Per default, the audible alarm is turned off, but the user sees a

mute symbol. When the user activates the audible alarm, the browser

will announce the nearing end by beep signals in increasingly shorter

periods before its expiration (default settings: 60, 30, 20, 10, 5,

2s; these values can be changed via HTML). Once a user has activated

the audio signals, these are preseveed between page changes via a

cookie. On some browsers (e.g. Chrome), the audioContext settings are

so restrictive, that the full reload requires a new activation of the

alarm via a "user gesture" (i.e. clicking on the audio symbol). It

would be not surprising, if some other browsers show different

behavior, but the code follows the relatively new recommendations. The

code was tested with Chrome/Chromium 83 and Firefox 77).

whitespace cleanup

don't try to compute points from starred results

inclass-exam: report state durations on overview page (published, exam_review)

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- added name validator for site-wide pages

- updated site-wide pages

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improve SQL quoting

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add grading table and grading stats

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refactor code to keep workflow definition shorter

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deactivate grading in tabular view

add autograding table (not functional yet)

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handle dfferent time setting between server and client (browser)

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reduce verbosity

- base percentage on results on total points,

- add confirm dialog on submit exam

- show audio on more browsers properly

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improve robustness of percentage computaiton, in case there are 0 points in total

added participants list to inclass exam

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improve robustness, in case user delete minutes from test item

Added grading info to exam protocol, when autograding is active.

Added information about resonable settings for shuffling in an exam

Added information for teacher whether student exam review is possible

Added correct solution hints for SC and MC (to be displayed in exam protocol)

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