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improved support for Bootstrap5 for composite items

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the changes

move "-destroy_on_cleanup" towards the end of the parameter list

This change improves protection about ambiguous user input

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also added missing closing </table>

added missing closing div (many thanks to Markus Moser for the report)

fix typos

make "create" explicit

Prefer usage of xowiki::bootstrap::card over per-case markup

- Use xowiki::bootstrap::card instead of manual markup per usage case

to increase configuratbility

- Many thanks to Monika Andergasse for the suggestion.

- Bumped xowiki to 5.10.1d42

- Bumped xowf to 5.10.1d54

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improve spelling

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Disable tests to check for executables on the system

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improved spelling

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Test external command dependencies

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Make acs_mail_lite::utils::build_body, replace (commented) references in other packages

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do not show grading_table if grading is "none"

added a paramter to allow/disallow page transation for exams

Browsers support automatic translation of a page to multiple languages.

Sometimes, this is not desired, especially in certain exams.

The change makes it possible to specify that translation is not wanted.

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Fixed achieved points in exam statistics per question

In the listing "Exam Statistics per Question", only the automatically

computed achieved points were listed, but in case the points were

later changed manually, the manual points were ignored. Many thanks to

Markus Moser for the report.

Document public api

Added waiting for for inclass-exam

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Use signed value for form_parameter "__object_name"

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d51

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handle empty string case

skip empty entries in mc2 choices

Many thanks to Monika Andergasse for the suggestion

Test issuing the action "logout" to submit an inclass-exam, both with and without a return_url

document public api question_statistics_block

harden policy

Handle the case of user misconfiguration, where no item type is selected for a pool question: the resulting filter clause would be invalid in this case

split up question_info_block method

show the question_count in the title only while filling in the exam

ensure variable results is defined

show composite subquestions in question_overview_block

Added improved support for viewing and downloading of exam results

When results are available, "Points and Grades" can be used.

Results are available,

- for autocorrected questions, when the exam protocol was rendered, or

- for all types of questions, when lecturers have added manual gradings/comments.

Depending on whether a grading scheme was defined for the exam,

it is possible to view/download grades and grade statistics, or to these

just with points. It is also possible to get the total results per student

(including grades) or results per question.

The results are available

- in tabular form, with the ability to sort on the columns,

- as charts, and

- as csv-files (for loading into spreadsheets).

The version number was bumped to 5.10.1d50

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set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::reorder_box and ::xowiki::formfield::file