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perform cleanup of WorkflowContainer after 10 minutes

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added total points (in addition to total minutes) to the exam overview

comment public methods

improve documentation

add missing German message keys

allow test items with 0 points

turn off rounding to full points for exams with very little points

New public method for the renaming form loader: name_to_question_obj_dict

Provide quick mapping from the mangled attribute name to the question obj

added detail info for xowf::test_item::answer_manager achieved_points

the result dict of this method has now a key "details" containing

information about the query object, the achieved points and the achievable points

for this test item. Previously, just the sums were reported.

added example-usage of set_css_property -querySelector

Fix typo in message key

Fix typos reported by documentation__check_typos automated test

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Fix glob flag

add safety-guard in case, someone tries to call action via hacking form hacking

provide configuration for exam folder

provide a default menu config via proc

The setup of the menu of xowf instances can be now configured

via {config -use xowf}, new instances are created with this setup

improve debug message

Added points in addition to minutes to test items and inclass-exam workflows

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remove personal-message dialog when user has finished her exam

improve source code documentation

search the form also in the site_wide_pages

prefer ad_try, since it is silent, when action is ended by a script_abort

Disable proctored-session expiration check based on proctoring-support datamodel using the new flag, enable preview as before (upstream code has it disabled by default), disable examination statement as intended

Fix retrieving the template

Replace xowf proctoring implementation with that coming from proctoring-support

TODO: nicer detection of whether proctoring-support package is actually installed

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use package based instantiate_forms method

whitespace cleanup

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drop line commented out

specify field names explicitly in default xowf index page (maybe move this to site-wide pages)

provide compatibility for legacy mc_interaction