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reduced verbosity

improve warning message (for legavy applications)

Add doc to public api

replace occurrences of <br/> in api doc strings

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removed onsolte comments

update current instance with actual image info before refreshing in the cache

Added API call "CrClass ad_proc id_belongs_to_package"

The new API call is useful for checking input validity, i.e.

whether to provided revision_id or item_id belongs to the specified package.

bump version number of xowiki to 5.10.1d21

bump version number of xotcl-core to 5.10.1d5

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Prefer "::acs::dc call ..." over "::xo::db::sql::..."

Use the common new acs interface rather than the xotcl-core variant.

Goal should be on the medium time range to replace all of the

"::xo::db::sql::*" interface.

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Fixes for Oracle 19c: boolean and timestamp handling, *lobs

- fix boolean permission query

- function "now()" does not exist, use "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" instead

- revived blob and clob handling in "xo::dc dml" since this is needed

for updating

- modernize Oracle offset/limit handling

- added missing "-dbn" attributes for Oracle xo::dc calls

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improve comment

Provide an exception in case get_instance_from_db is called with an invalid argument combination.

Added convenience methods "::xo::db::CrClass->ensure_item_ids_instantiated"

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performance improvements for "::xo::db::Class proc get_instance_from_db"

when the object exists already, the text for existance is made earlier

to void useless operations. This change improves the performance by a factor of 3

when the object was already loaded.

OLD {4.544836 microseconds per iteration}

NEW {1.310991 microseconds per iteration}

Deactivate compatibility with versions before OpenACS 5.2 (2005) in

busy code, but leave it there commented out for easy reactivating in

legacy applications.

Maintain revision date for "update_attribute_from_slot"

This is not a full-featured version, since it does not update the

modifying user and the modifying IP (since this data is not

always available). But this version is at least good enough

for experimenting and checking for unwanted side-effects.

xotcl-core: upadated version number to 5.10.0d40

xowf: upadated version number to 5.10.0d39

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improve comments

Improve fix: do not even fetch the context_id for revisions, so we do not touch it when saving

Make sure that the context_id of a CRItem is always fetched from that of the item, rather than the revision, otherwise we could break object_id = context_id constraint on saving

CrClass->instance_select_query: return context_id of cr_item unless it is explicitly asked differently.

Before, calls like get_folder_children returned items having the context_id of the revision.

Since this attribute is ignored by most applications, it did not harm. However, a recent

bugfix for honoring different context_ids caused troubles. In the worst case, one can

end up with items having its own item_id as context id, which in turn causes

permission queries to loop.

provide default value for storage_type for in-memory created items

perform conditional updates of context_id, fetch now storage_type as well to streamline code in the future

reduce verbosity

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remove unneeded method

improve consistency of interface: use instance variable when no folder_id is provided

whitespace changes

avoid array notation for per_thread caches to ease flushing

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follow naming convention as used in other places as well

start key with the package name, use array notation

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cache failed name lookups in a per-request cache (flushing maybe overly conservative)

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Added support for row-level lock modes of PostgreSQL; used in "save" method of cr-items

This change is necesary to avoid potential dead-locks in concurrent "save" operations

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whitespace changes

improve comment