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improve safety of SQL queries

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added a "-verbose" flag to template::themed_template and template::resource_path to ease debugging

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Fix order in expression

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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improve spelling

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Enable to attach handlers by CSS selector also for template::add_confirm_handler

Port of downstream modification: apply trimming of zeros to all fields in advance

This allows to treat fields as real numbers without the need to trim case by case. One can also reduce dependency to api and just use plain tcl expressions to evaluate conditions

Port of downstream HTML5 date and time form widgets by Günter Ernst

These widgets provide a better and more consistent user experience and client-side validation across multiple platforms. They should in time become the preferred alternative for dates and time for template forms.

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Comment noop result of a 18 years old typo, add remarks

Arrays might or not have been a better choice for the date object, however, such decision happened very long ago and it has worked good enough... cleanup concerning remarks

Whitespace change

Review concerning remark: the algotirhm is indeed correct, assuming the year is expressed in the Gregorian calendar

Replace deprecated idiom

Uniform documentation formatting and indentation, add missing documentation

Reduce usage of ns_mktemp in OpenACS

ns_mktemp uses the deprecated old POSIX call mktemp(), which should

not be used anymore for security reasons (race between the name

creation and opening the file). This change removes several usages of

"ns_mktemp" from OpenACS and replaces it with calls to the

safe Tcl call "file tempfile ..." (introduced by Tcl 8.6).

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Extend 'validate_url' test case

Unify URL checking, now that 'util_url_valid_p' accepts relative URLs. Extend 'validate_url' test case and bump package version for dependencies.

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Add 'get_url_directory' test case, covering 'template::util::get_url_directory'

Add 'nvl' test case, covering 'template::util::nvl'

Add 'number_list' test case, covering 'template::util::number_list'

file util-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Add 'validate_currency' test case, covering 'template::data::validate' and 'template::data::validate::currency'

Break overlong lines

Whitespace changes

Add 'validate_oneof' test case, covering 'template::data::validate' and 'template::data::validate::oneof'

Fix clock check. The clock command will not fail on incorrect dates (e.g. 2021-13-00) unless the format is specified.

Add 'validate_textdate' test case, covering 'template::data::validate' and 'template::data::validate::textdate'

Add 'validate_enumeration' test case, covering 'template::data::validate' and 'template::data::validate::checkbox_enumeration'

Extend 'validate_text' test case and reduce code duplication

Extend 'validate_search' test case with 'template::data::validate::party_search'