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improve spelling

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ad_form: allow multiple files in 'template::widget::file' by using the 'multiple' attribute of the input tag, new on HTML5.

- Pass the 'multiple' flag to 'template::element::create', so it can be used by widgets to modify their behavior.

- Update 'template::element::create' doc.

- This opens the door to reducing the number of widgets by combining single and multivalued ones into one (for instance, 'multiselect' and 'select' widgets), in the same way the 'file' widget does now.

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add "blob" to the checked attributes

add checking for javascript and data protocols (fixes issue #3413)

fix broken test cases

make debugging line more meaningful

Replace string equal idiom

Move 'util::content_size_pretty' into 'acs-lang' and rename it to 'lc_content_size_pretty', localicing 'bytes' and adapting automated tests. Bump 'acs-lang' version.

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Localize dot/comma just before return on 'util::content_size_prettyutil::content_size_pretty'

"Replace 'decimal' parameter with 'standard' in 'util::content_size_pretty', wich now supports three different standards (SI base-10, IEC base-2 and the old JEDEC base-2), change default to SI base-10 and modify automated tests accordingly". +info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix

Remove extra brace

Trailing whitespace cleanup

Add automated test for 'ad_decode' and 'util::interval_pretty' procs. Many thanks to Hanifa Hasan

Add automated test for the 'apm_version_names_compare' proc. Many thanks to Hanifa Hasan

Add automated test for the 'ad_color_to_hex' proc. Many thanks to Hanifa Hasan

file widget-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Add new proc 'util::content_size_pretty', to prettify data size given in bytes, and its automated tests.

It supports both binary and decimal representations, a resolution up to YB/YiB, and setting the precision via parameter.

It should replace ad-hoc size prettyfication done manually in several places of the codebase.

replace hardcoded /tmp by API function [ad_tmpdir]

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Mark value checking functions from before ad_page_contract as deprecated

(see also issue #3407)

A 16 years old comment says:

This is some old security crud from before we had ad_page_contract










added ns_asynclogfile to icanuse features

Fix proc 'before-ns_log' (ns_log can be invoked with multiple args)

Fix proc 'before-ns_log' (ns_log can be invoked with multiple args)

use same idioms for checking for exising commands

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new feature: 00-canisue-procs: generalization for feature testing in OpenACS installations

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file 00-canisue-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

improve spelling

use always acs::permission_cache eval instead of code before acs-cache-procs.tcl

fix for issue #3406: honor PermissionCacheTimeout

Make sure files exist

No need to rollback as we don't touch the db