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improvement for ACS clusters

Incorporated changes as suggested by Jonathan Kelley

For details, see https://openacs.org/forums/message-post?parent_id=5814308

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Use GNU grep when available

GNU grep is now used for the lookup of message keys using the

"--include=" parameter. This improves the speed of the command

significantly and reduces the number of external dependencies (no

"find", or "xargs" needed).

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Removed obsolete files www/admin/lookups-include.tcl

The file www/admin/lookups-include.tcl was replaced some time ago by

www/admin/message-usage-include.tcl but as it looks, not removed from

the repository.

Flush the whole key pattern, now that the key can end either in true or false

Fixes locale__test_lang_conn_browser_locale automated test

Fixed unreviewed commit, which might lead to hard-to-spot errors

The last change assumed that "nls_language" can be hard-wired to

contain most 5 characters. While this not backed by the OpenACS data

model, the standard (RFC 5646) explicitly states that there is no

upper limit on the size of language tags. The tree letter language

codes have been standard since 2001 (RFC 4646).

The change accepts now all defined locales. When the specified locale

is not enabled, it provides a log notice, when the locale is not

defined at all, it provides a warning and falls back to "en_US".

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removed the previous half finished change, the update of the timezone data helps

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fix regression test to cope with time zone

Since OpenACS timezone data is now newer as in many tcl versions, some time zones

might not be available in tcl. Therefore, tcl-based conversions with these

time zones will fail.

This change skips these timezones (on my system, 2 cases). But this

is just a part of the fix. The "DB-based conversion" in "lc_time_tz_convert"

seems to be broken for these cases as well, otherwise the regression

test would not have stopped working.

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Adapt test to current timezones

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Bring the logics to parse a datetime from lc_time_fmt into an own private utility lc_datetime_to_clock and reuse it also when we convert from one timezone to another

Allow also dates in the "short" time format, as they may be supplied to the api in such form e.g. by the calendar package

Fixes lang_test__lc_procs automated test

Extend test suite to check that also dates in the "short" time format are supported

This test will fail

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Form widget attributes reform:

- consolidate the logics to merge tag attributes coming from the adp and the tcl definitions of widgets into a private api

- change the previous behavior of having attributes coming from the adp (aka the tag_attributes argument) take over attributes coming from the element

See https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5799349

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harden page contracts

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bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

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regenerated documentation

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Test external command line dependencies

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Complete coverage for the package

file lang-widget-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Go ahead and reimplement also lc_time_utc_to_local

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Reimplement lc_time_local_to_utc using lc_time_tz_convert

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Improve test for lc_time_local_to_utc, showing that its behavior is inconsitent with respect to invalid input

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Return the system locale as the user locale also when user preferences are there for the user, but the locale is empty

Replace api outside of the package dependencies

Deprecate Oracle-specific collation api

Although it could be interesting to have OpenACS cross-db support for collation, it is unclear if just using different idioms in xql files would not achieve the same.

Update thead variable them setting the translator mode

Increase coverage

This test will currently fail because the translator mode flag is cached per thread, but the set api won't update this cache.

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Re-load also all other enabled locales to avoid test side effects

Increase proc coverage