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improve spelling

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Handle acs-mail-lite conf regarding the recipient in the test

Make sure test email is fine even when usernames are emails

Use lowercase letter to append to the fake username, so that if it should be an email, it will still be valid

Fix typo in test

Complete coverage for the ACS Service Contract 'auth_user_info'

Complete coverage of ACS Service Contract 'auth_sync_retrieve' implementations

Test IMS_Enterprise_v_1p1 implementation of the auth_sync_process Service Contract

Rework parameter check:

the way the if was construed would allow e.g.:

1. a value for EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP = 'nottrue' to pass the first if, but fail the second.

2. a value EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP = 'false' to be "true" in the first if, but not in the second

In fact, if EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP should be a boolean, there is no need to further check the other parameters and variables in the second if. This change is not 100% equivalent to the previous code, but makes it clear that EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP should be interpreted as a boolean and fixes these inconsistencies.

Make clear that parameters come from the same subsite

Test implementations of ACS Service Contract 'auth_registration'

This exposes a bug in auth::local::registration::Register where the acs-subsite parameter NotifyAdminOfNewRegistrationsP is fetched from the ad_conn package_id, rather than the subsite_id

Fix signature of service contract implementation, that is defined with 3 and not 4 arguments, complete coverage of the auth_password contract local implementation

Complete coverage of the auth_authentication contract 'local' implementation

file local-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Deprecate template::util::is_true, implemented as a simple string command oneliner since 2015 and inline occurrences

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Specify the empty value correctly in the authentication form fields

fixes for Oracle 19c

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fix indentation

Remove backward compatibility check in busy code for versions before 5.1.3 (2004)

The checks for backwards compatibility have on busy sites the highest

hit rates of all entries in the util-memoize cache. Since we require the latest

OpenACS 5.9.* for upgrade to 5.10, this can be removed (17 years later).


Use the test machinery to simulate a cookie authentication

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Inline sec_login_read_cookie, as it is a private api and would upset the bad calls test

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Test auth::verify_account_status and complete coverage of acs-authentication

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Test auth::update_local_account

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Add auth::sync::job::get_authority_id to an existing test

Test auth::self_registration

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Test auth::refresh_login

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Cleanup code pasted twice by mistake

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Bring more stuff into an existing test

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Test for auth::get_user_id and the whole login attempts api

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Document actual behavior

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