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- fix broken call (ns_htmlencode must be ns_quotehtml)

- restrict input formats for date, such that underlying SQL functions are not overstressed.

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Use template::themed_template as well for .adp file served for the files in the www directory handled directly via the request processor

URL-encode folder path (util_current_directory) if used for an HTTP redirect (ad_returnredirect).

fix signature comparison for apm_callback_has_valid_args when nsf procs are used

Improve robustness of file operations against names starting with a "-"

tighten regexps for message keys

harden page contract

Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

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Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

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make object creation explicit to avoid potential name clashes

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- new function to address problem in issue #3312: ad_urlencode_url.

This function can be passed a url with or without a location and makes

sure, that the folder_path is encoded correctly.

- use ad_urlencode_url as well in export_vars

New function ad_urlencode_folder_path to perform an urlencode operation on the segments of the provided folder path

- fix variable name in lmap statement

- push coockie encoding to emulation level (naviserver does this natively, the aolserver variant handles it no the low-level functions)

ease reading of debug messages; don't unset coockie(s) if there is no session cookie

no need to quote in the quoted string

Fix wrong version number

Fix upgrade logics, because old instances named constraint differently. Also, skip execution when not needed, as can be demanding (acts on acs_objects).

Added missing data model upgrade from version 5.2, affecting long lived installations.

file upgrade-5.9.1b3-5.9.1b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Use already baked solution to retrieve the file path

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Add missing namespace (Thanks to Günter Ernst)

When deleting a service contract implementation, also delete related acs_object (Many thanks to Günter Ernst for reporting and fix)

file upgrade-5.9.1b3-5.9.1b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Change also the value of instance variable, as this will be used e.g. by update_item_index without fetching from db again.

- fixing ckeditor4 form-field for non-repeated usages (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

Fix path to resource file

- remove parameters reaffirming defaults

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