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Fix path to resource file

- remove parameters reaffirming defaults

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White space change: remove tabs and trailing spaces

Improve comment, remove useless parenthesis

Don't login the user, that is automatically created via import

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Invite user to log in only when this is not already true

Allow to specify values different to "." and ".." in parent argument

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- improve commented out debug line

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applied changes provided by Brian for oracle. For details, see issue #3302

Make sure that the file-creation.log exists, without using "exec touch", which is not available under windows (see issue #3311).

Remove (harmless) inconsistency in local authority service contract (many thanks to Günther Ernst)

ensure HTML quoted content

remove hard-coded max-value

- reduce dependencies on xinha

- use repeat form field specs for mc exercises

- provide a more decent feedback on correct/incorrect answers

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slightly improved debugging messages

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Fix potential naming conflict in ::html namepace

fix label + input display for radio buttons, especially for bootstrap; horizontal display works again

reduce dependency on aljaxhelper

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Unify handling of tmp dir checking (see issue #3308)

In case, a pretty_name was already provided in form of a message key, there is no need to convert this a second time.

Set container of navbar to CSS class "container-fluid" instead of "container" to make sure, the right aligned members are displayed on fluid pages

fix issiue #3304: oracle does not have Boolean datatype for tables

fix issue #3303: wrong identifier due to different database structure in oracle

fix issue #3306: missing comma in *-oracle.xql file

Fix issue #3300 and #3301: index name breaks Oracle name length limit of 30 chars

Fix issue #3299 : Oracle installs fail on Naviserver due to missing EXIT in SQL scripts

When a file is saved via form-field method "store_file", obey settings of package parameter "production_mode"

Fix security::validated_host_header on configurations without virtual hosts

Fix broken <if> clause

Reduce verbosity

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