juny in OpenACS

minor bug fixes: corrected list that is passed on package_exec_plsql -var_list, added definition of some plsql procs, added content::item::copy, bump up for version needed

added noquote

bumping up the version

fixes and clean up by deds: noquote, remove project specific stuff, bug fixes

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bug fix on syntax error

removed unused sql

committed notes, so others can have some more info

change the UI on using the form builder and also listing the folders and just making them links

converted forms to use the form builder

fixed plsql, for some reason the commit delimiter was committed

remove unused query

change -private to -public

add the first documentation

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forgot to add the xql part

bumped to 0.3 and made the package into a service package

brought back the plsql to add a revision to a template

made the api doc better, change SQL on db_* calls to {}, remove plsql call for creating a template revision

change SQL on db_* calls to {}, remove bcms::folder::get_page_folder, get_image_folder, get_file_folder out since they are bcms-ui-wizard specific, added bcms::folder::is_registered_content_type, move queries of bcms::folder::get_id_by_package_id to xql files

change SQL on the db_* calls to {}, made the api doc better. removed -content_type on bcms::revision::list_revisions. bcms::revision::set_status now throws an error

put the removed bcms procs here, will update at a later time

made the api doc better, also replaced SQL with {}. removed additional_columns param on bcms::item::list_items not being used, removed bcms::item::list_pages list_images list_files as they are bcms-ui-wizard specific. change bcms::item::format_string_as_url -url to -string, renamed bcms::item::item_url_duplicate_test to bcms::item::create_unique_url

made the api doc better, also replaced SQL with {}. i have also remove bcms::wizard_step and bcms::init_bcms as they are bcms-ui-wizard specific. i have also moved out bcms::register_content_type and bcms::is_registered_content_type and now moved to bcms::folder name space

i clobbered one of lars changes, bringing them back

proper generation of additional properities

bug on checking additional properties

tested some of lars changes, we found out that we need to back port some plsql for 4.6.3. see bcms-compat.sql. i have also spotted a change behaviour on bcms::item::get_item_by_url

partial fix for bug 981

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remove *-edit pages, and made forms to use edit and display mode of ad_form, move generation of links to tcl proc, now style.css is now tcl so it should be mount in a different url and the images still works correctly on the background images. templates can are now also sourced on the file system, not just db. numerous bug fixes. Still need to remove custom content types and other custom code

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added bcms::parse_properties helper proc, revised bcms::revision calls to use this helper proc. also removed www dir to move bcms as a service package. also added some plsql patches for CR, not fully tested so plsql remains part of bcms still not yet CR

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fixed some bugs, added unpublish and unregister template