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remove *-edit pages, and made forms to use edit and display mode of ad_form, move generation of links to tcl proc, now style.css is now tcl so it should be mount in a different url and the images still works correctly on the background images. templates can are now also sourced on the file system, not just db. numerous bug fixes. Still need to remove custom content types and other custom code

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added bcms::parse_properties helper proc, revised bcms::revision calls to use this helper proc. also removed www dir to move bcms as a service package. also added some plsql patches for CR, not fully tested so plsql remains part of bcms still not yet CR

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work in progress - fixed some bugs blocking objects and roles

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added Jade's patch for bug 540

added Jade's patch for bug 547

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Renamed upgrade-0.8.5-9.0 to upgrade-0.8.9-9.0

Implemented row-wise acknowledgement document

Fixed bug with mime_type not found when content is empty

Added old monitor script to show active connections

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Adds users to .LRN when batch importing

Fixed bad call to snapshot_delete_remaining

Use current_timestamp instead of now() to get default send time

Make context bar slightly more useful. We need to make this page an includeable template

Make acs_privacy::set_user_read_private_data accept Tcl booleans

Pulled in safe-form-element-focus fix from OpenACS

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i18n and display


Changed /graphics/ URLs to /resrouces/dotlrn/

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Fixed textarea not remembering content bug

Don't print the illegal tag

Serve up stylesheet

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Cleaned up display

- I18n'd 'No Items

- Made it still show the widget that lets you choose how many days to show even if there are no appointments

Fixed bug #1018: Denying persistent logins break login page

Pick stylesheet in drop-down list

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Fixed context bar

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added templates, roles

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Replaced the curriculum check with a faster one that has been tested.