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fixed plsql, for some reason the commit delimiter was committed

- Fixed bug in ads query

- Fixed wrong call to Tcl functions

- Fixed link in index.adp

Many of these problems exist because I lost code in a hard drive crash

a few months ago when developing the package.

Got rid of spaces after / in lines. Fixes #1348.

added skeleton docs for auto-testing

Removed open message key. (Typo)

Upgrade script for auth_driver_params changes

file upgrade-5.0.0a1-5.0.0a2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

Changed type text to clob or varchar(400) for the to_addr.

Ok, last time. Generic query was named incorrectly.

Fixing another typo.

Fix mistake where oracle query was pasted into postgresql file.

Finish fixing item::publish. Move oracle queries to -oracle.xql.

Fix item::unpublish in the same way.

starting to implement the cast page

Fixed TODO's

Removed sim_message objects

Fixed TODO (.25h): kill link bar for players

Simon added notifications section

implementing the enroll page

fixing the tclwebtest script (it was broken in simplay). Adding checks in simplay that you are authorized to act in a role

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
Fix item::publish. Refernce to wrong variable, add postgresql version of

plsql call.

Fix test to use current api

Fixed some boneheaded problems with my last commit.

Changes to apm_package_version__delete and apm_package_version__copy didn't get into an upgrade script

you cannot have a nested db statement (in this case insert inside a db_foreach) inside a transaction. The code would hang on acs_mail_lite::send. Changing to use db_list_of_lists.

Removing margin-top: 0px for all headlines since that results in headlines sticking to the previous paragraph in a confusing way. css-expert daveb approved.

fixing the join simulation include

unless you are an admin, only show the templates that you have created yourself

implementing the case admin page

adding the sim_adminplayer privilege to the case authors group

fixed bug #1370