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i clobbered one of lars changes, bringing them back

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Fixed install on Oracle: Ordering of category package and pinds_blog_entries table was reversed

extracting command to find all en_US catalog files into a shell function

Fixed some context bar, show name of package being reloaded

- Changed references to sim_home to sim_location

- Renamed 'Is on map' to 'Show on map'

Link to site-wide admin page instead of front page of new site after installation

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alpha 4

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doc tweaks

Added local file system auth_retrieve_doc driver

Bumped version number to alpha 4

Fixed password email change test case - turned out to be interaction between two test cases and the cache

Fixed batch sync test cases

Default return_url to user's workspace

- Allow passing in item_id when creating a new item.

- Adding more arguments to relate_item

Image editing

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proper generation of additional properities

bug on checking additional properties

Granted commit privs to the press package for michaels, so he can commit

his port for PG (currently the package is oracle only).

authority page was broken for creating new authorities. Don't query for number of users if the authority doesn't exist

Applied patch #309 to fix bug #376

Fix display of boolean answers. The query was not updated to allow yes/no display.

Applied patch #310 to fix bug #311

Fixed bugs #1057 and #281. Added one new message key to catalog.

Fixed bugs #1057 and #281.

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tested some of lars changes, we found out that we need to back port some plsql for 4.6.3. see bcms-compat.sql. i have also spotted a change behaviour on bcms::item::get_item_by_url

making check-catalog.sh output warning keyword on every line relevant to warnings for easy greping. Adding the list-keys script that will list all keys in catalog files on the server

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imported en_us message catalog files

i18nized dotLRN Homework

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