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Replace custom calendar widget implementation with native HTML5 fields

Fix inform field definition

strengthen boolean parameters in page contracts

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fix typo in message key

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Prefer cached api

Exploit page contract, rework idioms

Whitespace changes

Replace deprecated api

Fix/modernize boolean syntax in adp

Deprecate bulk_mail::parameter, which implements a global parameter logic

For now, the occurrences have just been inlined (fixing also the inconsistent naming PrettyName vs pretty_name). A future reform might create a proper global parameter for this.

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Whitespace changes

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Whitespace cleanup

make use of "prevent-double-click"

prefer adp:icon over old-style .gif images, whitespace changes

harden page contract for referer parameter to avoid hard error from ad_returnredirect

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Delete obsolete file, which is in fact a universal downloader

Replace deprecated api

Replace deprecated api

Deprecate util_commify_number, replace occurrences and translate automated tests

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Fix proc signature

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Deprecate notification::get_delivery_method_id, same as notification::delivery::get_id and looking more established

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Deprecate notification::get_interval_id, duplicated by notification::interval::get_id_from_name which appears to be more established

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Harden page contract; Prefer redirect url created via "export_vars" over handcrafted one

tighten page contract

harden page contract

harden page contract

Allow empty anchor

Validate the portal_id via the page contract, keep passing the whole form down as before

improve safety of SQL queries

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Adapt spam variable name to what is advertised to the user

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