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Update italian localization

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bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

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ensure year has only 4 digits

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Allow to deactivate client-side double click prevention by setting DefaultPreventDoubleClickTimeoutMs to 0

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added package parameter DefaultPreventDoubleClickTimeoutMs for default timeout of double click handler

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bumped version numbers to reflect dependency on sitemap icon

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extended adp:icon

- added the feature "invisible" to <adp:icon....>

- added generic names "admin", "cog", "folder-add", "permissions", "search", and "unmount"

- added an overview page of adp-icons to the sitewide admin page

- bumped version to 5.10.1d22

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UI improvements

- fixed link for reloading on apm/version-view page

- added generic icon name "check" (common icon name for checkmark)

- bumped version of acs-templating to 5.10.1d21

- bumped version of acs-admin to 5.10.1d3

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improved adp:icon support

- added images for arrow left and arrow right

- added arrow-left and arrow-right to the list of all supported icon sets

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registered-urns: new adp-include for listing registered URNs

This function is useful e.g. for the packages using optionally

CDN or local resources. It helps an admin for testing the

registered resources (e.g. via sitewide-admin pages).

Bump version number to 5.10.1d19.

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provided a helper proc to query the mapping of a generic icon name to a concrete

This function is necessary in boundary cases, where e.g. a display_template passes the generic

name of the icon via template variables which have to be

@-substituted before adp-tag resolution, which performs the

regular icon name mapping (otherwise, the tag resolver receives

e.g. ...name=@icon@...)

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adp:icon: extended list of generic names and support reloading

- adp:icon: added "next" and "previous" to generic names

- moved variable ::template::icon::map from *init.tcl to style-procs.tcl

to support changes via dynamic reloading via package manager

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d17

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Update italian localization

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Make also sure the tmpfile from the widget exists beforehand, when validating: we don't want users to "explore" our tmpdir with bogus values that just look sane

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Revert to previous template::widget::file behavior of accepting input in a form of a list of 3 elements (e.g. without a .tmpfile in the request), but introduce validation so that we enforce all widget values to be in the proper format and the files to be "safe"

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extended adp:icon handling

Added support for multiple classes,

Added more potentially reusabel icon names,

bumped version to 5.10.1d13

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Cleanup message keys that do not exist in the english locale (they do exist in their "_time" variant, e.g. Time_must_be_after_min_time, already translated in spanish)

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Bump version number after catalog change

added filetype-csv to generic icon names

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Added support for fa-icons to the generic names for adp:icon

Added new options "iconset" and "alt" to adp:icon, updated

documentation in API browser

Bumped version to 5.10.1d9

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Generalized ADP compilation caching, simplified handling of ad_init

Generalized adp-compilation caching

* since the result of ADP compilation can depend on the icon set

(and maybe more factors in the future), and the icon set

can be switched freely, either one needs more ADP compilation

at runtime (page rendering time) or caching had to be generalized.

* generalization of caching leads to better scalability, and

since the number of icon sets concurrently active at one

site is limited, this option seems favorable.

* The only potential incompatibility might be from installations

doing "manual" incantations of "template::adp_init" followed by

direct calls of the stub. The only packages (out of the 365

packages in CVS) effected by this are "diagram" and

"workflow". Both have been fixed in the repository. This

incantation can be simplified as followed.

Simplified handling of adp_init

* old:

template::adp_init adp $file_stub


* new

[template::adp_init adp $file_stub]

Bumped version to 5.10.1d8

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remove circular dependency (acs-subsite 5.10.1d2 needs acs-templating 5.10.1d6, acs-templating 5.10.1d6 needs acs-subsite 5.10.1d2)

Improved toolkit support for homogeneous theming and appearance

This change included new tags for rendering icons and toggles. The

change makes it possible that an unchanged markup of icons can be

adapt itself according to a theme or a manual configuration. One can

use e.g. for Bootstrap 3 glyphicons, and when changing the theme to

Bootstrap 5, then bootstrap icons are used.

Furthermore, the new markup eases maintenance and helps to achieve a

consistent look-and-feel also, when design decisions are altered.

Both, bootstrap-icons and glyphicons are font-based. This leads as

well to a better user experience, since the number of requests are

substantially lower than with the previous approach based on .gif and

.png files. When the iconset is set to "classic" (package parameter in

acs-subsite), the old image files are used.

- new tag: <adp:icon name="NAME" title="..." style="..." class="...">

Icon-names available for all iconsets:









The page acs-admin/package/bootstrap-icons/sample contains more

detailed information, including the names which are identical

between bootstrap 3 and 5.

- bumped version number of acs-templating to 5.10.1d6

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Improve message key and translations

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Update italian localization

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Return a 422 complaint, introduce a generic error message when an item is invalid

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Provide a message key for help text, localize in German

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A simple image captcha implementation:

a random text is converted to a distorted image, its checksum, together with the expected text are stored in a lookup table. Upon validation, the text input by the user is matched against the checksum to determine if the captcha is correct.

Plan is to use it downstream on certain publicly available contact forms.

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added a "-verbose" flag to template::themed_template and template::resource_path to ease debugging

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fix release dates in .info files

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