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PG-7.2.1 returns false for 0<2^7. strange indeed. 2^7>0 returns true

more clone stuff and minor portal config UI

started clone code. fixed bug in and improved 'check_community_key_valid_p'. improved key generation. minor portal UI fixes

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removed some code that shouldn't have been committed

call regular configure_dispatch instead of template_configure_dispatch


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rename to one-community-portal-configure

Updates for subcommunity archiving

Updates for comm archiving.

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Updates for comm archiving

apparently we can't have a foreign key constraint on the package_id column of dotlrn_community_applets. i don't have time to look into why not right now so i am just removing the constraint

trying to standardize info files

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added support for editing recurring events

added support for editing time intervals

Update args for removeportlet and addportlet

fixing bogus remove_applet args

changing communities data model


Stuff for deleting subcommunities

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don't make assumptions about what namespace we are upleveling to, when upleveling we must fully qualify the procs we are calling, for example we should say "set foo [uplevel {::set bar greble}]"

outfox CVS

removing temporarily to outfox CVS

Ahhh...my missing conflict resolutions ...

Fixing apparent conflict from last merge

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fixed key generation

Added some additional documentation supplied by Michael Yoon ...

fixed broken call to get_workspace_portal_id

Committed Vinod Kurup's patch #1502 which fixed a file-storage bug.

Merged with the 4.5 branch (oacs-4-5 tag "don-merge-1")

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minor fixes

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