ben in OpenACS

fixed file storage guessing of mimetype so as not to create new mime types - not the appropriate place.

fix for scanning mime types at startup - not quite the full fix that JeffD proposed, but will get to that

added notifications documentation!

fixed the section for the public_url parameter

rem dotlrn-research / research-portlet from the modules list

added graphics

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added a catch around the ns_sendmail in case the mailer is not working

trying to fix the "ny03" again

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change hardcoded email subject beginning to: ny04 from ny03

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updated for dotlrn-research research-portlet

added Tracy's fix for the hex conversion

added outlook PG support

fixed calendar weekly display for PG

fixed things into a single calendar query rather than multiple (not quite finished)

fixed the weekly widget

temporarily removed dorlrn-research from the dotlrn-core alias until

it's ready on oracle and pg

fixed small pG bug

fixed calendar for PG

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added PG support

added master

added master

added timezone basic stuff for syncing

added outlook syncing support

AKS: added missing "openacs-4/content-repository-content-files" dir to the acs-core alias

parameterized all the right stuff

fixed conflicts

added attachments

fixed outlook procs for syncing

added attachment support for calendar items

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