arjun in OpenACS

adding docs

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added note about peter's auto-intall stuff

removed unused index.adp file

removed dotlrn-research / research-portlet

extending switch stmt to play nice with prof comms

fix get_default_roles_not_cached for comm types

fix typo attachmens -> attachments

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fixups and added approved_p column

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typo fix to calendar delete from deds castillo. fixes bug #9

fix swapping elements patch from deds castillo. closes bug #3

message deletion fixes


1. updated .info file with some missing files for PG

2. fixed the notification.delete func in both DBs

3. bumped pacakge version to 0.2d

manually updating the .info file since the UI is not working for me. bumped revto 0.2d

adding upgrade file for acs_event__recurrence_timespan_edit fuction fix

fix get subcomm joining for no_inherit perm fix

register link changes due to no_inherit security fix

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important permission bug fix to dotlrn_community::new.

new communities should _not_ inherit perms from the

root dotlrn instace, since all dotlrn users have

read on the root dotlrn instance. without this

fix, users will be able to read stuff in comm's

they are not members of.

that was dumb, reverting

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indented to see the logic

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fix bug in clone where event types were not getting copied

documented the bulk upload process and cvs format in painful detail

making this slightly more html 4 compliant

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minor doc update

changed set_type_package_id to use named params

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added delete_type and get_type_package_id procs. other minor updates

cleaned up and added delete link if the dept is empty

department delete and helper procs

department delete pages