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Updated release notes to reflect final release.

Fixed SDM #1540: The 'bboard_message_set.message_set_content' query

was using '$content' instead of :content syntax, causing the value to

not be properly quoted, so it fails if you enter a single quote.

Took out Oracle support for ETP as it doesn't work.

One quick fix to etp oracle

Fixed SDM #1533 by applying patch #251: /admin/users/new.tcl breaks on PostgreSQL with a "query didn't return any rows" from the rel_type_info query. I've debugged and fixed this.

Updated .info files of all core packages to version 4.5

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.

1) Added local vars to end of each xml file so that psgml-mode works properly

2) Added disclaimer to authorblurb stylesheet

3) Minor fixes to install guide

  1. … 101 more files in changeset.
fixed bug in apm_package_version__upgrade_p

Added upgrade script for CR 4.1.2->4.5

Committed Vinod Kurup's patch #1502 which fixed a file-storage bug.

Fixed more date and currency bugs, for the most part

confirm-button - useful in confirm pages used with the form builder and

especially the forthcoming "ad_form" wrapper proc.

coddo.adp and plain.adp are sample form templates

Fixed the long-annoying "Your Workspace" page's navigation - there's now a

link back to the home page.

Added new form style, used in the bug-tracker

Forgot to commit the changes acs-api-browser.info file when I committed the patch for SDM #1417.

Added search of the Tcl man pages over at dev.scriptics.com, just like we can search AOLserver API pages at aolserver.com. SDM #1417

Focus first input field on forms (SDM #1500).

Missing context bar on bboard index page (SDM #1498). This was due to the <if @context_bar@ not nil> check in the master template.

template::multirow foreach feature, which loops over the rows in a multirow, setting local vars, executing a code block, and then resetting the values in the foreach. Useful in conjunction with template::multirow extend.

Added -extend switch to db_multirow and removed Arjun's regsub hack in same. db_multirow also sets the varname:columns list, and it checks that columns stay the same when you append. I've also added documentation, as per SDM #1486

Fixed a bug in site_node_closest_ancestor_package.

Mostly fixed subsite issues with the PG version.

There was an error when trying to edit a spam that was either text or

html but not both, because I forgot to port the query spam_get_text to


This has already been checked in but accidentially on the HEAD branch,

so this is a re-checkin to the oacs-4-5 branch. Conflicts are ok this

time, Don said.

Most of this fixes up the creation of application groups for subsites.

Subsites - for PG at least - still have some serious problems that need


1. Hitting the site with the host name only (http://foo.com) reveals that

[ns_conn urlc] is incorrectly set to "1" and [ns_conn urlv] to [list "\"\""].

I've masked this in the ad_conn structure, so [ad_conn urlc] == 0 and

[ad_conn urlv] == [list].

2. When a cookie is set to an empty string, ad_set_cookie sets it to

"\"\"". I've modified ad_get_cookie to return the empty string if the

cookie it grabs from the browser is "\"\"". I looked quite carefully around

the toolkit and saw no code that appears to depend on this abberant behavior.

I'd removed jobs-start.sql but hadn't removed the include from this file.

Robert Locke's bug fixes that make news work with PG 7.2 as well as PG 7.1

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Added Lars Pind's patch #196 which lists out packages that didn't install

along with a reason.

Applied Michael Steigman's patches 199-201, which fixes package spec/body

mismatches allowed by Oracle 8i but not by 9i.

Applies Lars Pind's patch #206 which fixes some cookie problems.