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- add new api function "aa_section" to allow structuring of larger test cases

- generalize login during tests further. When "user_info" is provided

it can be used to either login via login credentials or directly

via user_id (next step: integrate config-option for test users, this

will allow pure web tests to run against a different server)

- extend regression test to cover new features

- bump version numbers to 5.10.0d7

use proper method in xpath query to check attribute value

specify xpath query more

Remove unneded ad_script_abort

Fix files__page_contracts for include, replace ad_decode idioms

Fix files__page_contracts for this page

Check also for empty lines at the end of the file in the 'files__trailing_whitespace' test case

Fix files__page_contracts automated test for the page

Use localized message when returning 403 and no custom message is specified

Provide an ad_include_contract for the page (fixes files__page_contracts)

Ehm.. revert previous commit: search would use service contract to get the search form, so we should no assume local-search to be used...

Removal of obsolete user search includes


- no mention to these pages anywhere in upstream packages

- local-search fails files__page_contracts automated test

- weird code in local-search (where is authority_id used to filter users?...)

- acs-admin/users/complex-search is a working replacement and duplicates their intended features

- as for TIP#125, in case complex-search was not reusable, probably a minor rework would do

added cookie management by passing request dict as "-session" to next requests

- new webtest API calls:



- transformed tclwebtest_example to webtest_example (not using twt)

Allow to specify the URL which is used for regression

testing for cases, where it is hard to determine (when e.g. running

behind a proxy server)

whitespace changes

Document the use of the parameter 'args' containing a list of a variable number of arguments

Fix proc doc parameters without description

Trim whitespaces

Indentation change

Fix parameter name in proc doc

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Parameters UI: show main (empty) section at the beginning and deprecated section at the bottom

Whitespace changes

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    • +152
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    • +15
Add @see in deprecated proc, declare acs-kernel.AdminOwner parameter deprecated (superseded by acs-kernel.HostAdministrator)

Fix proc doc errors detected by 'documentation__check_parameters'

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Whitespace cleanup

Fix cases when 'selected_p' is empty, which is the default for 'ad_get_client_property'


include content_pages and include_pages in call graph analysis

include protection hints for callers in callgraph display

include acs-bootstrap-installer/bootstrap.tcl in init files for callgraph analysis