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avoid that invalid tags are inserted to the db

The inserted tags have to be compatible with


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Return result as a plain list, rather than forcing a string representation, so that "evil" tags containing e.g. double quotes are properly quoted and list idioms such as lsort executed on this proc's output work properly

The issue was found e.g. in the my-tags includelet

improve safety of SQL queries

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improve safety of SQL queries

remove obsolete variable

Extend high-level filtering by providing "-unless" clause in form-field class "form_page"

- added "unless" clause to form-field class "test_section" to be able to filter

certain pages which should not be included

- reduced redundancy be factor out "compute_filter_clauses" method for FormPage

(used in includelet procs (class "form-usages") and form-field procs (class "form_page")

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added statement (commented out) flag for debugging of resource path loading

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rename newly introduced flag of form-usages from to "-allow_clipboard" to "-with_checkboxes"

Additional flag for includelet "form-usages": -allow_clipboard true|false

This makes it possible to use the includelet also without bulk-actions

for adding/removing content to the clipboard by including the checkmarks

per table and by table row.

use acs::clusterwide instead of xo::clusterwide

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revert regression introduced on Aug 07 and factor out common code

reduce deprecated calls

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allow to specify witdget type alternatively via "_type" in the form field dict

This change makes it possible to specify the whole widget spec part in a single dict

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reduce verbosity

added range checking for page_size and page_number for weblog-portlet

modernized weblog-portlet code

moved weblog-portlet to the right place

bumped version number to 5.10.1d1

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improve robustness also for not fully correctly setup includelet classes

Whitespace cleanup

State dependecny from package-procs, or ::xowiki::CSS class won't be available to this library at boot

New CSS abstraction: xowiki::CSS

Before this change, the application developer was responsible to

initialize the CSS-speficic settings (such as setting default values

for parameter classes). The new object xowiki::CSS is initialized

automatically, when an xowiki class (or one of its subclasses) is

initialized. Furthermore, it provides a per-thread caching to reduce

double work. Furthermore, the xowiki::CSS provides a mapping between

abstract and concrete CSS class names, such that switching between

different CSS toolkits becomes easier (e.g. upgrade from bootstrap 3

to newer versions).

xowiki::CSS initialize ;# make sure, everything is in line with PreferredCSSToolkit

xowiki::CSS clear ;# reset the mapping

xowiki::CSS toolkit ;# return the toolkit name

xowiki::CSS class /classname/ ;# perform CSS class name mapping

The methods "setCSSDefaults" and "preferredCSSToolkit" as deprecated.

The version number was bumped to 5.10.0d81

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improved code comments

more cleanup for setting of potentially unencoded return_url

streamline returnredirect commands

make sure, the provided URL is always properly encoded

prefer variable resolver over method calls for unset

minor refactoring to correct old-style widgetSpecs; prefer variable resolver over method calls for unset

support editor=none in arbitrary form-field specs

prefer usage of "xo::write_tmp_file" over "xo::write_file" for writing tmp files

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Do not urlencode the return URL in every case, but only when this falls back to the current URL from the connection context, normally coming from "ns_conn url" which will return it "raw", as in not encoded for any purpose

URLencode the return URL, or the server might complain for invalid characters (e.g. unencoded umlaut characters)

Remove hard-coded styling with the "style" element to get a more consistent appearance

(many thanks to Monika Andergassen for looking into this).

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improve query variable checking