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made includelet "categories" folder aware (on can pass "parent" in form of a page-ref to the includelet)

refactored some of the code to increase reusability

make treeview more compact

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write mutual overwrites to the system log

added support for avoiding quoting of labels (e.g. in buttons)

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improve listing of procs covered by regression test

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whitespace change

extend regression test

improve comments

mark deprecated procs as private

extend regression test

added utility function xowiki::filter_option_list to select a subset from an option list

added form.form to ease creation of forms as form pages (important for using forms from global instance as form pages in workflows)

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improve robustness

order entries delivered by form-field "form_page" by title, since the title is used as well as label

Minimize quoting, return content in one sweep

Fix typos

change for exam_review: omit subquestion summary in cases, where no subquestion has a correct when condition

perform proper login for web regression test

fix function of formfield numeric: convert_to_internal_value

improve comment

added function "xowiki::randomized_index"

extended regression test

bumped version to 5.10.0d75

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added instance variable storage_type

reduce font sizes

add debugging output for migration phase

added storage_type to xowiki_form_instance_item_view

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Added two types of grading schemes (in addition to "exact") to ordering exercises:

- "position": count elements as correct, when these are on the correct position

- "relative": count elements as correct, if the neighboring element is correctly before the actual element

The results are adjusted by the same guessing correction as in the "ggw" scheme for MC exercises.


- desired order: 1,2,3,4

- provided answer: 3,1,2,4

- scheme "exact": 0%

- scheme "position": 0 0 0 1

- scheme "relative": 0 1 1 (correctly ordered 1<2 and 2<4)

A minor refactoring was also performed to ease code reuse.

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provide friendly error message in error.log in case provided answer-values (for e.g. MC) are invalid

relax creator check, return package instance name in result dict

reduce verbosity

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added parameter "-parent_id" for "abstract_page" to allow a developer to point to a single folder

Remove redundant 'apm_package_instance_delete'