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don't raise exception when folder_path is empty

check for empty folder_path

made value retrival for parameters "DefaultDimensionalStyle" and "DefaultListFilterStyle" theme aware

encode folder_path

proivde upgrades script for PG 11 and bump version number to 5.9.2d2

file upgrade-5.9.2d1-5.9.2d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

backport from HEAD for PG 11

Remove stupid upvar tricks

reduce quoting

make portal::show_proc_helper theme aware

activate usage of "ns_db currenthandles" when available

Put event handler inline so is attached at element creation, fix URLencoding of image deletion

Bring event handler inline to force it being attached after the upload button is added to the page

Add missing parameter in calc_wiki_image_links_to_image_tags

See bug tracker #3372

add message key

whitespace changes

add error, when we are running out of handles

reduce verbosity, deactivate usage 'ns_db currenthandles' for now

reveive dotlrn community includelet

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modernize code

prefer "array size" over llength of names

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prefer "-base" parameter of export_vars

add quotes for nicer editor rendering

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fix typo

db_handle reform

Use "ns_db currenthandles" (when available) to implement "db_with_handle"

instead of the old approach based on the global db_state variables.

The enws approach has the advantantge that it is

- more robust (deletion and creation of the per-request variables,

no coherency problem),

- simpler, and

- faster (less overhead per db_with_handle call, simple queries up to 20% faster)

time {db_string . {select object_id from acs_objects limit 1}} 1000

old: 200-230 microseconds per iteration

new: 160-180 microseconds per iteration

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Replace single quotes wuith double quotes in javascript expressions involving acs_ListBulkActionClick

this is really needed only for the URL part, but was done on the name as well for consistency. The reason

is even a properly encoded URL could still contain single quotes, therefore breaking the expression,

while double quotes are expected to be encoded in valid, urlencoded URLs. This relies on trusting the developer

to properly encode URLs, which should be expected. An alternative could involve active escaping of

javascript special characters by e.g. ad_js_escape.

[PostgreSQL 11] Change 'with (iscachable)' to IMMUTABLE for PG11

[PostgreSQL 11] Change 'with (iscachable)' to IMMUTABLE for PG11

backport from oacs-5-9, which might avoid problems with oacs 5-8 when used with recent versions of nsf

fix typo