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- use information from acs_testing in api-browser: provide link for

test cases.

- new function: api_add_to_proc_doc for updating apidoc information

from other packages

- bump version of acs-automated testing to 5.10.0d4 and

acs-api-browser to 5.10.0d2

- toc includelet:

* new flag: "-renderer" (default "")

specify an explicit renderer. This is an alternative to the

classic "rendering by style", where there style determines the renderer.

* new flag: "-include_in_foldertree" (default true)

it is now possible to avoid inclusion of all folder-tree element

in the standard folder tree. Default set for backwards


remove dead code

Remove unused image

Reduce code duplication: delete 'assessment/lib/progress-bar.*', essentially the same as 'acs-tcl/lib/static-progress-bar'

improve rowcount expressions

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improve rowcount expressions

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Rework of news_aggregator::source::update

- replace deprecated calls

- replace array idioms with dict idioms

- bring portable sql inline

This was tested against RSS feeds used downstream on a vanilla instance

Change adp expression so news can be displayed

Add trivial tests for the other different kinds of space

Support also the other kinds of whitespace

Removed 'setResultEncoding' tdom option, which has no effect in Tcl > 8.0, and is removed in tdom > 0.9.0.

See upstream commit: http://tdom.org/index.html/info/d729de4c396d71ff

From the old docs: http://tdom.org/index.html/artifact/2a79d8cf33feacf9

dom setResultEncoding ?encodingName?

This option is for backward compatibility with Tcl 8.0. If tDOM is build

with any newer Tcl version this option does not has any effect.

If encodingName is not given the current global result encoding is

returned. Otherwise the global result encoding is set to encodingName.

All character data, attribute values etc. will then be converted from

UTF-8, which is delivered from the Expat XML parser, to the given 8 bit

encoding at XML/DOM parse time. Valid values for encodingName are:

utf-8, ascii, cp1250, cp1251, cp1252, cp1253, cp1254, cp1255, cp1256,

cp437, cp850, en, iso8859-1, iso8859-2, iso8859-3, iso8859-4, iso8859-5,

iso8859-6, iso8859-7, iso8859-8, iso8859-9, koi8-r.

Whitespace changes + add editor hints

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Almost complete rewrite of news_aggregator::source::new

- replace deprecated calls

- remove code duplication

- don't loop through response items, as nothing is done with that information

- replace array idioms with dict idioms

- let stored procedure figure out the object_id

Works on WU RSS URLs on a vanilla instance

Update documentation, as no mention to tag closing is made in the code and reimplement procedure exploiting builting tcl idioms (passes automated tests)

Remove superflous parentheses

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Whitespace changes

Remove superflous parentheses

Remove commented leftover debugging statement, add comment about why we need to name the list by folder_id

Put template::list name back as parametric, because this code might be included multiple times

Redefine this page as ad_include_contract, therefore removing all hardcoded variable checks and exploit builtin checks, remove duplicated definitions and queries, streamline template::list definitions in a way its is readable and simpler to maintain

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Pass also orderby to the includelet

simplyfy expressions, remove useless file

Trim whitespaces

Remove unnecessary parentheses and idioms, state query variables explicitly

don't pass deprecated argumentent "-user_id" to fs::get_folder_contents_count

Update es_ES catalog files

Update italian localization, bump version number

Trim whitespace

Bump version number so new message key is loaded

Trim whitespace