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Cleanup trailing whitespace

factor out validation of provided host header.

report only onece, that host header is invalid

implement cache partitioning for permission_cache

extend regression test

strengthen regexp in ad_text_to_html for adding "mailto:" links

tclcode_to_html: Don't render "?" as a command

make api_get_body more robust: when name contains wild-card characters, escape name for such commands accordingly

improve spelling

bump version number of jquery to 1.12.3

bump jquery version to 1.12.3

strip out empty query parameter

use consistently US spelling variants

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

*, win/ Add TCL_PKG_PREFER_LATEST to avoid version hickups (stable beating latest) somewhere from TCLLIBPATH etc.

fix boolean adp expressions

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    • +6
fix typos

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fix boolen expression

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clean up temporary objects after scheduled jobs

cleanup temportary objects after run_jobs

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fix typo

turn procs into private ad_procs with doc-strings

add "developer tools" to default admin menu

make test cases proper test cases using the automated testing framework

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fix potential problem when updating cache on top-level site

fix potential overquoting in breadcrums (main site name)

make it possible to run auth::authority::create in the background

Fix variable name (Many thanks to Markus Moser)

Quote the backslash as well...

use simple query as local query to make purpose more evident

improve spelling