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mark unused function "_mr" as deprecated

mark unused functions as deprecated

improve comment

make use of built-in reverse proxy mode of newer versions of NaviServer

overwork get_community_id once more. provide a shortcut is hopless situations, reduce potential warnings and improve comments

make clear that get_community_id_from_url needs connection in case no URL is provided; provide shortcut, when determined package_id is empty

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don't load deprecated code unless explicitly required

deprecate unused and untested code

fix deprecated function

remove call to deprecated proc

removed leftover from debugging

Fix correct-when test of empty input when constraint is "<" or "<=". Many thanks for Florian Mosböck for finding this.

provide more details in log message

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mark in log-file begin and end of test cases, support multiple msg arguments in aa_log (similar to ns_log)

reduce verbosity

use tcl "max" idiom

prefer ns_dbquotevalue over db_quote, mark latter as deprecated

mark functions as private

improve listing of test coverage

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improve listing of test coverage

reduce verbosity

improve listing of test coverage

Add default to avoid empty values. Fixes 'acs_mail_lite_inbound_procs_check' test case

consider subject field restriction from the database also in the ui

just avoid tilde substitution, do not perform sanitizing

sanitizing can lead to file name clashes in case the names

without tilde exists, and they are OS specific. The intention

of "ad_file" is just to be a tilde-proof "file" replacement

use per_thread_cache for flusing rather than raw variables

make listing of tested procs more complete

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Fix typo

Do not allow backslashes in folders created via zipfile upload

As the folder name is used also for looking up for existing folders, the safest approach is to block the user: the risk with an automatic sanitization would be to overwrite existing folders without the user realizing

Sanitize all trailing tildes from the filename, mapping them to the current folder

Fixes acs-bootstrap-installer.ad_file automated test