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This is in fact an include and not a standalone page

improve Oracle compatibility

make behavior more robust when (erronously) called without a connection

without handling no-connection, the error message is swallowed

Fix for updating the time window via configuration dialog

In cases, where no student submissions exists, updating the time

window via the configuration dialog was ignored.

Many thanks to Thomas Renner for finding the cause and providing a fix.

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made time_window_setup public for saving the values from the configuration dialog

Improved appearance in TRN mode

- don't set "alt" attribute in classic mode by default to the title.

The title is often be provided as a message key, using it twice

causes two edit controls

- in acs-lang, the extra setting of link_html, which provided

the title attribute can be omitted, since adp:icon renders this

by itself.

beautify TRN mode in developer support

in essence, this change switches from CSS icons to <adp:icon>

since in default setup (when no themes/icon sets are installed)

the CSS based rendering was bad. Using <adp:icon> offers

more flexibility and tailorability.

fix wrong icon in "classic" mode (using images)

improve Oracle compatibility

improve Oracle compatibility

improve Oracle compatibility

fix setting of dict value in error cases

improve Oracle compatibility

improve Oracle compatibility

Don't break appearance for bootstrap3

make sure, variables for emergency settings are provided

added warnings/errors in case outdated code is encountered

harden policy that a user needs at least admin permission on the package for e.g. editing a question

improve Oracle compatibility

improve Oracle compatibility

Minor CSP improvements

- provided ability to add "trusted-types" and "require-trusted-types-for"

directives (Trusted Types policies)

For details, see:


- changed default "object-src" from 'self' to 'none'

improve Oracle compatibility

register URN for highcharts from CDN only, when highcharts package is not installed

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file jquery.ui.touch-punch-0.2.3.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Added support for drag&drop on reorder items for mobile devices

Additionally, provided a minimal width for drag items (there is probably a better solution for this)

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fix icon for boostrap5 (CSS value)

change datatype to file to ensure template::data::validate::file is executed

register javascript click event for adding a calender entry only once for each day

before javascript event was registered multiple times: for each day and for each calender event

javascript click event for adding a calender entry was also fired when a calender event was viewed

Deescalation: the usage of the pairs in export_vars is not so dangerous as it looked at first sight.

The problem case was originating from the call

lappend __vars [lindex $_var 0] [uplevel subst [lindex $_var 1]]

which calls Tcl's "uplevel" with two arguments. In this case, the arguments

are concatenated and the evaluated in the caller's frame. There is a substitution

before the evaluation. When just one argument is passed in, this problem there

is only one evaluation:

lappend __vars [lindex $_var 0] [uplevel [list subst [lindex $_var 1]]]

avoid subst in export_vars when not necessary