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upgrade default ckeditor from 4.15.1 to 4.16.1 (released in May 2021)

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Upgrade to jQuery 3.6.0 (released March 2021)

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parameterize xowiki::test::edit_form_page with -next_page_must_contain

This changes supports more flexible checking of expected content on page after editing.

Default is backwards compatible

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In order to make the "editor=" formfield spec option have any effect, one should catch the value from the spec early, before the formfield is reclassed and initialized

This also exposes that the editor=none value is not valid (detected by xowiki and xowf automated tests). For this to be valid one should define it as a richtext subclass.

make child_components a proc (::xowiki::formfield::child_components) and add filter expression

Added new method "child_components": Return for a list of form-field objs all child components

added test case for form field validation

improve spelling

make comments more uniform

provide a less confusing name for new methodm improve comments

Fix typo in comment

Implement reset_to_default method to reset formfields in case of validation error

the current behavior of this method is currently a no-op for every formfield, except files, where we want to make sure the value has been reset. We also handle the case now of compound fields, as they might be compounds of file formfields

Add all whitespace characters between double quotes when converting a dict to hstore

Many thanks to Guenter Ernst for the analysis.

Extended regression test

Fix typo

adapt personal-notification interface to support bulk messaging

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strengthen parameter checking

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add warning to log file, when a HTML form-data is passed in fro which we have no form-fields defined

More restricted checking for object_ids

This avoids SQL errors in cases, where values are passed in via query variables

which are valid integers but out of range for SQL integer, which are 32-bit

integers. The better solution would even be to define an NSF argument type

"object_id", but unfortunately, this requires a newer version of NSF than

we target for the release.

- Added new method extra_html_fields to provide an easy means to add

extra HTML fields to the form autogenerated for form pages

- bump version number to 5.10.0d79

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Refine regular expression used for the detection of Includelets

fix braces for return_url

improve error messages for autosave-handler

intensify argument checking

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make function "get_current_folder" more robust in case invalid data is fed in

new web-callback method "www-update-references"

This method can be called on the package-level to

referesh all page references (from wiki-links) for

an instance.

Added support for "-orderby" to includeletes "toc" and "book"

Previously, these includelets could be only used when a page_order was given.

In some cases, the base functionality came in handy for other cases, such

as e.g. a glossary.

provide nicer icon for revisions button

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added button for form-usages for displaying revisions

provide a friendly error message

allow at most 50K days, otherwise Tcl time scanner bails out